Saturday, May 1

Go Green Dragons!

I've found a new love and they're called the Green Dragons! Today was me and Easton's first soccer game. We missed the first game last weekend while Ryan and I traveled with my parents.

I hadn't planned to coach but an emergency plea for coaches went out and my friend said she wished she knew how to play the game so she could volunteer. I told her I'd seen the email too but didn't feel like I could do it with McKay and Morgan. She volunteered to watch them if we got on the same team and I jumped at the offer! So there ya have it, my newest title, "Coach Carter!" I admit I kinda like the sound of it!

With my first game today, I was a bit nervous about keeping the roster straight. We play 6 v 6 and with nine kids on my team, that meant three kids had to sit out each quarter. I hate having anyone sit out and didn't dare look into the parents' faces to see how they took it! That said, we've got an awesome team! We're not supposed to keep score, but of course, the kids do. {We won 8-4!}

Easton stays engaged in the game although he doesn't plow right into the thick of it. He got a handful of touches on the ball when it squirted out of the pack in his direction. I was proud he made contact each time and he seemed happy with himself. He associates his success with the number of goals the team scores which is fun.

This is the magnet ball intro phase of play. The ball is a magnet that draws every pair of kicking feet within ten yards right to it! Man, are they ever cute!

I gotta say my favorite part was seeing Easton as goalie stop two attempts on goal! He bravely scooped it up and it made me one proud mama!

[I really appreciate how my coach's jersey hugs me in all the right places. Good to have the ol' posterior documented for posterity. Wish I could blame it on all the Parisian and Italian food we devoured on our travels. But look at my commanding goalie Easton there!]

Truth be told, my honest-to-goodness favorite part was after Easton snagged the ball here and then threw the ball to his team -- his shorts fell right to his ankles! Poor guy had been holding them up the entire game and I hadn't noticed among all the speed shoe-lace tying and whistle blowing practice I was getting. The goalie jersey covered him well enough, but the surprise on his face was classic! No one else seemed to notice that I could tell and I hollered over to Ryan to come help him out because me and the other coach were the referees on the field.

A fun cheer for the other team before running through the parent tunnel to the real highlight - the famed post-game SNACKS! At one practice, the moms organized the snack list, team pictures, and the end of the season party for me! I've got a great group of kids and parents! I hope Ryan's up for my new hobby cuz who could say no to this mug here!