Wednesday, April 7

Every afternoon

Thanks to the good weather we've had, I can send all the kids outside for the afternoon each day. My boys have really taken to this little hill - they roll, they ride, they push anything with wheels and it keeps them entertained for hours! I enjoy seeing their grins of apprehension give way to sheer excitement as they pick up speed. Their visiting cousins, Lizzie and Miles, are trying to enjoy the speed and bravely give it a go over and over.

Did you see my girl fly down the hill, yesterday's pigtails flappin’ in her wake?! During our Easter egg hunt, our friends pointed out how Morgan buzzed down the hill so fast and controlled for her age. She just loves running down it and keeping up with the boys! Morgan likes to do most everything at full speed unless we’re trying to walk to the kindergarten around the corner. She's perfected the word 'meander' forcing me to try and enjoy the journey.

McKay loves to run fast too. He especially loves to see his arms pumping fast as he runs, reveling in his body’s mechanics of movement! He’ll admire himself and then look up to make sure I see how super fast he’s going. Love it!!!

I was pretty impressed with McKay and Miles' interaction here, discussing turns. It often gives way to one or both screaming but they kept it together here. They've gotten much better at this in the course of two weeks together. Poor Miles seems to get the last turn every time and waiting is not easy for any three year old! Not to worry, he's not shy about advocating for his due! As long as things are fair, McKay and Miles are content.

Easton is focused and into his ride while Lizzie flits from one thing to the next. Lizzie plays well with everyone although she and Easton sometimes have to negotiate who’s in charge. Lizzie tried, “Guests first” and then “Ladies first” but those seem to have faded now. She likes to be my super helper, creative muse, and star of the show! I will miss her helpful great attitude when we clean up. She even likes to wipe the table after meals and sweep! Sorry Tamsyn, I think I’ll keep her! She does admit it's more fun to help here than at home for her mom but I'm sure that would pass with time. I think she's enjoying being the biggest around here since she's the fifth of six kids.

Because Easton is at school all day and then everyone heads outside until dinner, I’ve caught myself being a bit short with him unfortunately. He’s not exactly a happy helper lately and gets my leftovers which ain’t that pretty after 5. Last night, Easton and I escaped to go get him some soccer shoes. Then Ryan had the odious task of pulling E’s sliver out before I could snuggle in for more Treasure Island.

When Spring arrives, Ryan craves this lemon dessert. I craved lemon cake last week and am sad to admit I ate 3/4 of it. I'm always surprised to find food is one of my coping mechanisms. Bad timing since I've been missing my workouts. The flowers are from my neighbor and I've loved enjoying them this week!

Now back to my regularly scheduled program . . . chores. Morgan's blanket is screaming to be washed like nobody's business. Bleh.