Friday, April 9


This just can't be right!
I mean, wasn't it just yesterday that my Baby'K was this little guy?

But my "Baby'K" is four today!

When searching for baby names, I remember coming across a definition of "McKay", a name Ryan and I liked and had used for Easton's middle name (purely because we liked how the two names sounded together). McKay meant "to delight." And he sure has been my delight! Oh how I love his smiling eyes and perfect hugs and kisses! See what I mean?

at 7 months and then now . . .

I thank the Smith side of Ryan's family for bringing these smiling eyes into my life! Just yesterday I woke up kinda grumpy and was pouring cereal and milk for the cousins and my trio. Upon waking up, he walked to the table and sleepily said, "Mom, I love you," as he finished climbing into his chair. He brightens each of my days!

McKay's days are spent fighting bad guys, riding or rolling down our hill, running fast, helping mom sweep, playing with Easton or friends, singing solos for circle time in German, asking mom to snuggle and read to him, wrestling daddy, and nuzzling Morgan. All he wants for his birthday is a skateboard and a "camote contwoe'd wobot." Sorry kiddo, mom wanted you to have a bike. He was completely devastated, can't ya tell?

He looks so sweet and really is most of the time. I have to share this interaction he had with his cousin Lizzie yesterday. We celebrated his birthday a day early so the cousins could be here for it - Lizzie made sure it was a priority. As you've seen from an earlier post, the kids have been making due with a shortage of riding toys so the bike was a BIG deal. Ryan had picked up a bike for Easton at the thrift store so now there were two size appropriate bikes being introduced.

Lizzie tried her darnedest to secure some riding time with no success. Invites or disinvites to her birthday party (in August) were extended and being her best friend hung in the balance. McKay wasn't budging, a stubborn stinker.

Standing just a few feet away I heard Lizzie finally ask, "McKay, can I ride your bike on your birthday (the following day)?"

McKay duly considered this proposal, even contemplatively stroked his chin! Then he said, "Hmm, . . . you can ride my bike on Scooter Day." Lizzie was ecstatic! Before she could ask him when Scooter day was, he had ridden off into the back yard. You can bet there was a sly grin on his face!

Lizzie anxiously turned to me, "When is Scooter Day?!" Almost unable to contain her excitement. I had no answer for her so she moved on to quiz someone else.

Ten minutes later, I hear her asking Ryan over and over when Scooter Day was. When she left him deflated, I giggled to Ryan and told him the story. What am I going to do with this kid?! One thing's for sure, he keeps life interesting and we sure love him!