Sunday, April 4

Hunters and Gatherers

We had our own Easter Egg Hunt here at home with a neighbor family. It was fun and fast since we've got some experienced hunters!

On your mark, get set . . .

And they're off! The hunters!
You don't have to tell them twice!

Woah! What just happened here?!
(A gatherer.)

I got one!
No need to keep the egg, I just want the candy! See?

Now for some happy hunters!

As Ryan said, "McKay got a haul!"
He was pretty happy with his skills!

My niece Lizzie is always ready to pose. She cracks me up!
My best helper, I think I'll keep her!

With their spoils . . .

I tried a new quiche recipe to accompany our coffee cake. It all turned out yummy! The kids of course just wanted candy and I confess that we let them so we could chat.

Having five kiddos in a small three bedroom apartment for two weeks gets a bit loud pretty fast! My prayers for good weather this week were answered each and every day even with a forecast of rain for most of it! I had no rain when I needed it - namely to send the kids outside to play for our sanity and when my stroller caravan headed out to the bus stop or kindergarten to gather my other youngins. Even today, we had good enough weather to do the egg hunt and then this afternoon it hailed! Hail!!

The sun is bright and shining now with pockets of blue sky showing. The ups and downs of today seem to have come full circle as I think of what today is. Easter, the day we celebrate our Savior's Atonement and Resurrection. Boy do I need the power of the Atonement so I can hope for the Resurrection. You ever had one of those days where one day seems to encapsulate it all?Can't wait to catch more General Conference after kid bedtime!