Tuesday, March 2

Munich and stuff

We spent the weekend in Munich with Ryan's brother's family. It sure is nice to have a second home away from home! The kids play, the older kids and adults get to break out the board games, and there's always some good eats! This time they taught us how to play Dominion which I didn't think I would like but really enjoyed. If you've played this before, you know you get to practice your shuffling skills a lot or you can wimp out and use an electric shuffler. I can still hear Eric's card shuffler and see his little boy grin of delight. Sorry, Eric. Boys and their toys, and Carter boys love their toys!

Settlers also made an appearance on the table although us adults called the game early on account of extreme tiredness. Getting out to enjoy some pre-spring sunshine at the park with the kids wiped us out! I especially loved trying out Tamsyn's bike trailer and my kids loved the novelty of the ride! Hmm . . . something to add to my wish list!

Ryan and I took our kids into Munich to see the Deutsches Museum having heard they had a Kids Kingdom inside. The museum is not far from the center of Munich where at 11am you can see the Glockenspiel each day. Here's Easton enjoying it, especially when the jousters do their handiwork.

I have to say we were quite spoiled by the DC Smithsonians so the Deutsches Museum didn't quite do it for me although the big galleys, boats and trains were pretty impressive. The children's area left a bit to be desired but the kids enjoyed themselves, particularly with the water features' locks and canals, rocks to dam up the chutes, and various water wheels.

Ryan and I ran great zone coverage until the end when McKay slipped by us and fell into a section of 9 inch deep water. How he got completely soaked is a mystery to me. It was only 9 inches deep! Earlier, however, Morgan had taken the more direct approach by simply climbing down into the water when I looked away for a moment. Argh! With the breezy, chilly temperatures outside and a good walk ahead of ourselves to get back to the trains, we sure were lucky an actual clothes dryer was on hand! Here's my little angels sittin' in the buff waiting for their clothes to dry. I don't know how I would have survived the past year without this big ol' stroller! McKay isn't actually waving at the camera, just caressing his elbow and arm as he does when chillin' with his thumb.

We did a short stint at Edelweiss and the kids love to go swim. I'm sorry, but this little swim suit on Morgan just makes me happy! Lately I shop for her at my neighbor's house who has a daughter just a year older. It's a great arrangement for everyone and it will be a sad day in Morgan's wardrobe when one of our families move.

Ryan loves the whirl pool and Morgan just snuggled up to him with a nice full belly after breakfast! At least until the bubblies began. She's not so fond of the actual whirl pool whirling.

On a tangent, living around a military community sure makes for a small world! Here's the latest example. Last week I went to a PTA brunch where they were lining up volunteers and chairs for next year with lots of mingling. Then today I went to a cross training class [Boot Camp] this morning on base. It was packed, probably 75 or so in there! I've been once before with a friend a few weeks ago. I smiled to see that among odd run ins, classes on base, church, and that PTA function I have probably met most of them at some time or another! What also struck me was that many of these women are ones I admire for being real go-getters.

This cross training class is hard stuff! Running an errand afterward to the bank nearly had me falling on my face going up and down the stairs! I love the sociality of classes, kinda like a team sport which has always been my workout crutch until I lost my bit of skill to complete out-of-shape-ness. Good thing I've discovered there's a variety of classes requiring no dance or coordination since I don't do so well with either!