Wednesday, February 24

New Super Hero, Headwear, and Independence

McKay asks to wear this ensemble to school lately. He calls himself Super Jones (Super Man + Indiana Jones). He especially loves to flip the cape over his head in order to fasten it around his neck.

The first picture makes him look a bit sinister, but don't be fooled. He's the sweetest helper of a super hero and this is his favorite job. Notice his other super accessories - the Mardi Gras beads and Jedi sword - must haves for any fighter of bad guys he says.

Hey pretty girl! Morgan likes to sport her own style of hats lately. Unfortunately it's of the underwear variety. She'll find the boys briefs and either put them on her head or hang them on her arm like she's carrying a hand bag. For President's Day we took the kids to an indoor pool called Filderado. It had a wave pool, a few slides, and fun fountains - great for all ages! The kids loved it! Morgan found her swim suit bottoms hanging to dry and stuck them on her head.

Finally Morgan and McKay can give loves to each other without one of them screaming. I love this!!!

I watched my friend's beautiful roly poly baby the other day. Morgan thought Sophia was her own life size baby doll! While I was getting instructions from my friend, we looked down and saw Morgan perched on Sophia's lap giving her loves.

Ryan is working from home for a stint right now and I am loving having him and the car around all the time! It's taken very little adjusting for me, I just hope he doesn't get tired of me! I don't know if yesterday's mishap is related to this change of routine, but either way I was quite mortified!

Yesterday afternoon I got cleaning the kitchen and chatting on the phone with a friend. I completely spaced what time it was and forgot to pick Easton up from the bus! I usually set a timer for myself each day so I don't miss it. Luckily, a mom of a 5th grader who is never at the bus stop walked Easton home. Easton wasn't even ruffled but I sure was! It's about a fifteen minute walk for him but he guided them all here. Isn't it great to meet someone for the first time in a moment like this! Gotta love first impressions!

This afternoon Easton told me he wants to walk home all by himself now. This would be so convenient, but he's just 6! The German kids walk home alone at this age, but . . . And I'm so proud that he's gaining such confidence in himself! But I don't know that I'm ready to let him go it alone just yet. Besides, the walks home are his most chatty time where I get to hear about his day before he's distracted by everything else. I'm not ready for these kids to grow up. No more, I say!!!