Sunday, February 21

Techie me!

I actually set a bonafide goal this year that I'm still working on come February! How's that for follow through?! It's written down even, broken into steps. Sadly, I don't have a good track record on this front. My goal is to give each of the kids a keepsake book of their first year on their birthday complete with pictures and journaling.

You'd think that with the blogging I've done, I'd have it ready to go. Not so much! I've had to get all the pictures, movies, and all things written organized and it's taken longer that anticipated just to get it all on one computer. Ugh. I'm using iLife to help me out, watching tutorials and reading helpful blogs about topics like capturing still shots within home movies. I'm feeling pretty proud of myself today! Exhibits A & B for the first book. McKay's birthday is coming fast in April!

I'd have had more time lately in the evenings, but Ryan and I are recently hooked on seasons 1-5 of Burn Notice. Every time I'd seen teasers for the show I'd groan. It looked really dumb. We're in season 3 and I'm in love with it. Real fun trade craft, characters you grow to love, and less violence than 24.