Monday, February 8


As I walked through the living room armed with a basket of dirty laundry headed for the wash, I asked the boys to turn off the TV because their cartoon was over. They rarely listen to me the first time but as I was hunched over loading clothes into the washer, Easton came up and said, "I turned off the TV because I remembered Maddie's Grumpy Afternoon story so I listened to you."

Is that the Hallelujah chorus I hear?!!! Last night I'd read a randomly selected story from the Friend magazine to the boys before bedtime and it talked about Maddie being grumpy while having to run errands with her mom. What a great story to talk about obedience and being helpful!

I grabbed Easton up and smothered him in appreciative kisses! I love this kid! He is so quick to obey and I'm trying real hard to remember to use gospel terms more often! It is fun to see him learning and retaining so much every day!

Then I said it was time to pick up the living room to get ready for Daddy coming home. Easton said, "When I get big, I'm going to go to work so I don't have to pick up toys." Ahhh, if only that was true!

Today we got word that a father of two students at Easton's school died in a helicopter accident last weekend. I talked with Easton about it on the walk home from the bus. He took it pretty well and was able to tell me what teachers were given to share with the students. He stopped at one point and grabbed my leg. "I don't want Daddy to fly helicopters." I told him no worries there.

In his Bulldog Envelope today he had a Help Haiti envelope. The students are to place a dollar in it and bring it back. We hadn't talked to the kids about the horrible earthquake there, but I felt like I needed to this afternoon. We pulled out the globe and I showed them pictures online of buildings turned to rubble, tent cities, bandaged people, and relief efforts. They took it pretty well and both incidents helped us talk about things we could do to help even though we're far away.