Friday, February 12

Death of a Spice Cabinet

Last night I was telling Ryan about a recipe I want to try for Butter Chicken, an Indian dish. The recipe has you marinate chicken in a bunch of spices to which Ryan began berating our spice collection. He said he was going to pitch the majority of our spices as his personal project tomorrow. I protested relating to how not all the spices were old, probably just the old glass set which has sentimental value and then I wondered why.

Without finishing my thought, I told him my mom had given me that old set as one of my graduation presents. They were my first set, symbolic of a right of passage. Raucous laughter ensued! I graduated from BYU in 2000! HOLY COW those are some old spices!!! Ryan reiterated the shelf-life of spices and demanded liberation of the cupboard.

Just so we're clear on somethin' - I don't use those spices anymore, but I've clung to them all these years when similar threats of their demise have come knocking. A few years ago when we got a label maker, I had put labels on them in addition to having all our spices on a step ladder in the cupboard which made them so easy to see and use. I admit I was quite proud of the little project.

There's just so many unnecessary things we hang on to in different ways, for different reasons. It made me wonder what other types of internal and external "stuffs" I cling to (and why) that could be gotten rid of to simplify my life. Clothes that will never fit again, shoes that have seen better days, makeup at the bottom of the drawer, electrical cords and chargers for who knows what, anxieties over this and that uncontrollable or inconsequential thing, procrastinating important self improvements because of . . . It's got me thinking about how to add spice and savor to my life by letting go.

Ryan was true to his word this morning. He began cleaning the kitchen and pitching three quarters of our spice cabinet's contents. Then he got ready to go to the store to replace them but he had one question, "What spices should I buy?" Grrr. So there I was digging through the trash to figure out which ones really need to be replaced. I'm pretty proud of myself for only rescuing two items which shall go nameless here in order to protect the innocent. And now I shall go do my duty to fix the washing machine, my nemesis. [Ryan bore with me being a pansy last weekend so it's time to square my shoulders and tell it who's boss around here!]