Sunday, February 7

Love is in the air!

Easton's flame for the little girl at church is still burning strong. At dinner tonight I was trying to ask the boys what they learned in their Primary classes today. As Easton started, he began telling me who was there. He started with Joe, the teacher's son whom he loves to be silly with and play chase after church. And then he loftily sighed, "And Brynna." Oh man, he's over the moon for her!

I asked if he sits by her and he said he tries to but that sometimes other people have sat by her already. Today he got to sit between Joe and Brynna, it was a good day. He said he sits and looks at her a lot but doesn't get to talk to her because only the teacher can talk in class. It was real cute as he tried to think of a word to describe how he feels around her and settled on word "love" with a dreamy look in his eye. I said, "Lovey-dovey, eh?" "Yeah," he replied. Get him talking about Brynna and he's a chatter!

When asked what he likes about Brynna, he mentions her pretty dresses and long, pretty hair. He says he still gets hearts in his eyes when he looks at her [like in cartoons] and that we need to live her until he is big so he can marry her.

I told him we could make Valentines for everyone in his Primary class and he ran over to our window and selected the "I YU" one saying it was the one he would give to Brynna. Man, this is so cute and I love that he's pretty shy around her, love struck really, but will chat to us nonstop! So sweet!!!

As the boys started handing out their family Valentines before bed, Morgan got in on the action. Easton put one on her shirt and she lit up. She lovingly patted it and just beamed with joy! I'm really enjoying this week of Valentine giving. It's very cute to see the boys enjoying it so much. What a great thing to be reminded each day to tell each person how much I love them!