Friday, February 5


Yesterday. Easton had to have a tooth pulled. He had to be restrained by me and two assistants just to be sedated. Talk about torture for all parties involved! But beautiful, delightful things resulted:

Morgan sat on Easton's bed as he awoke, giving him gentle love pats on the bottom while sucking on her blanket or eating teddy grahams. She also delighted a German man who was woozily waking up from his procedure. He liked hearing her "singing" and obstacle course training -- crawling under and climbing up everything in our sequestered, shared room. My favorite was when as he was jabbering on to my blank smile. Finally, I sheepishly offered, "English?" Then he slurred, "Ennn-gll-isshh . . . [thinking too hard for someone sedated] . . . [still thinking] . . . (sing song) Good night!" And he passed out with a smile on his face.

Once pain meds were retrieved for possible later use, McKay was picked up from kindergarten, lunch was eaten and so forth - it was that glorious time of day! By 2pm all my babies were sleeping, each having been snuggled to sleep by one happy exhausted momma. I find the easiest way to put my bigger babies to sleep is to fall asleep literally inches away nose to nose and they follow my lead minutes later! It was a divide and conquer sort of day and it actually worked! This is so amazing to me and I know it will pass all too soon. I can't remember the last time Easton took a nap, but he asked to be snuggled like McKay so I happily complied!

Because the phone rang minutes after E had dozed off, I got to sneak in a movie for myself! I'd borrowed the classic musical "King and I" from the library last week and finally sat down to watch it. I've never seen the whole thing and however quaint it may sound, it truly was "Delightful!"

Easton's teacher Ms. Senna called to check in and see how he was. She's been gone for two weeks visiting family in the States for her dad's 70th birthday and to care for her mom suffering from brain cancer while major treatment changes were begun. Easton's sadness and love for his teacher and her family was so sweet as he asked for me to say a prayer with him.
Morgan likes to oversee my dinner making operations from her perch on a step stool. Once she sees me doing quality control taste tests, she demands to do her part. Last night was mom's dilled ham and rice and by the time we sat to eat, Morgan and I were both pretty well filled.

Since I'm really enjoying the Old Testament studying in prep for teaching my Primary class, I pulled out the Old Testament children's reader for bedtime storytime. The boys really loved it and it had me wondering why I hadn't done it before. It answers so many of their questions about how the world began and kept their interest longer than usual. I love their questions, assumptions, and our little discussions! In fact, Easton begged to keep reading it after I left at chapter 5. Hearing Easton pronounce Enoch and other names made my day!

While Ryan watched a guy movie after the kids were in bed, I opted to do some lesson prep, armed with a muffin cup of chocolate and teddy grahams. I haven't dabbled much with all the tools MS Word has added in the past ten years. Good grief! I'm getting old. I laid out my lesson and made a flow chart, seriously stretching whatever graphic design skills I used to think I had. But I was proud of my effort to try something new and to have some good ol' pondering time.

This morning I didn't have to wake up and get everyone out the door. Now THAT is delightful! It's one of those parent-teacher conference days that our teacher isn't doing because of her trip. McKay came to our room announcing, "I need to go to kindergarten and get the gold plates!" Sorry, kiddo - we're having a day at home!

After my morning chores listening to "The Elegance of the Hedgehog," we made Valentines to hang on the windows. Each evening when Ryan gets home, we'll give them to each other. McKay liked tracing a few cookie cutter hearts. Both boys liked cutting one heart out, but grudgingly did a page worth. McKay did most of the pasting, Easton apparently doesn't like to. Who doesn't like using a new glue stick?! Easton did get into writing the little notes and how he wrote them makes me smile! I'm resisting the urge to properly round the corners of kid cut jobs!

Perhaps we'll be baking something fun later. Maybe folding the heaps of laundry in my room. Maybe even washing some other growing heaps too. Maybe. I'm just determined to enjoy the day with them home and have it be a little productive. So far, today too has been delightful!

- - - - - - - -

P.S. And it was! Here's samplings of those Valentines!

An Incredible Boy all day long . . . and here's his handiwork!

Be Mine and Hug me . . .
And my favorite - U R Cute and Hot Stuff as only a youngin' could write it!