Tuesday, February 2

Great hand-me-down

We inherited this fabulous doll house from a friend of mine with three girls that have outgrown it. Not to worry, I'm not trying to indoctrinate the boys. Within moments of me pulling this out for the first time, I heard these excerpts of their play:

Easton: Come here honey, I'm going to have a baby!

McKay: It's time to battle!

Easton: Hey, Girl! Get him!

McKay: I can't! He's invisible! (As his character was jumping and sliding down the rooftops.)

And then Morgan came along and she had to test the house for it's seating options.

It wasn't very comfortable so she moved on to giving the doll family members rides in the minivan which had sing song buttons. And the crib and wedding canopy also have these singing buttons. With all their use, I'm sure the batteries will soon be dead but I'll be very tempted to replace them because their songs make her so happy! This girl LOVES music!