Friday, November 6

Today is . . .

working against me. Argh!

Christmas toy research unfruitful and discouraging. Who knew a baby doll stroller for Morgan would be twice as much as the cheap little umbrella stroller we cart her around in?! Something about our computer is not liking the internet which means it’s agonizingly slow lately.

I forgot I was going to drive Ryan to work and had been promising kids all week to take them swimming on the day off school today.

Found mold growing on the wood floors in my room from condensation around the bottom of the window doors. Grrrr! Guess I should roll up the rouland shades and turn on the lights in there more often!

The bright side? Okay, I will concede there were some finer moments.

McKay patiently showing Morgan how his train’s crain works. Almost makes up for the time outs he’s had today for picking on her.

Morgan discovering her nose holes with a mystified look on her face. HILARIOUS! How far do these things go anyway, she wonders.

Easton making himself a toasted peanut butter sandwich and sawing it in quarters with the wrong side of the knife. On white bread - his new favorite since I rarely buy it but dad did yesterday.

School celebration of Lichtenfest at McKay’s german kindergarten this evening. They made lanterns that we’ll put on hobo sticks with little lights to walk home. Thank heavens for knowing a few more people there that speak English and Ryan will accompany us so I won’t be taking my circus on the road alone!

And last but not least – I love Ryan! I married the right one for me! Thanks for putting up with me rearranging rooms last night!