Wednesday, November 4

A Pigtailed Walkin' Fool!

Maybe we should have dressed her up as Frankenstein for Halloween! But it would have been lost on the crowd since she was stroller bound the entire time. McKay's already a slow enough walker for us to prod along! No need to add a new walker, crowds, and dark streets to the mix!

A week after taking her first deliberate steps, Morgan's a full fledged walkin' fool! There's pretty much nothing more entertaining than watching your kids light up and practice a new skill! Ryan and I were endlessly chuckling this evening after dinner as Morgan paraded for us in the living room. Thinkin' she's hot stuff, chest puffed up, only to take a big spill the next moment and trying to figure out if it's worth crying over. "Is anyone watching me?" You can see it on her face every time! Oh she loves having an adoring fan club!

Our comedic faves? Direction changes - WOAH baby! Gaining top heavy momentum faster than her little legs can carry her. Isn't it hilarious how disproportionate their bodies are?! Their little legs are about as long as their torso with a big noggin up top.

[Pardon my Sunday post-early-church mess of a house!]

Next? Multi-tasking attempts - clapping, dancing or talking 'n' walking aren't quite good combos yet, but try she must! I love it when she's walking along and decides to start swinging her arms nonchalantly like walking's no big deal. Ya know, the "I've sooo got this down" groove. RIOT!!! She's rarely cruising around on all fours anymore and she's getting along at a pretty good clip! Man, she's fun!

At church on Sunday, I saw a couple friends with little girls Morgan's age sportin' cute do's. I've been rather timid to sit Morgan down and attempt to do her hair and upset her. Both friends acknowledged tears were not uncommon, so I gave it a go! Man it's fun to see her in pigtails!

Things not to love about her new mad skills? Gravity = harder falls + higher decibel screams. And her lil hands are now free to carry random items all over the house. Puzzle pieces, Leapfrog magnet letters, and plastic kitchen stuff are her current faves. Grrr. It's not like you can just throw the items back in a toy bin. Oh no. They require more effort and the sheer quantity just kills me over and over each day now!

And last but not least, doesn't walking and wearing pigtails qualify my baby as a toddler now? YIKES! We're not ready for that! McKay didn't shed his baby-ness in my eyes until last spring when I conceded at three years old he truly was getting to be a big boy. I think I'll be clinging once again to my delusions as long as possible. She can thank me later.