Sunday, October 25

Morning Glories

Couldn’t get back to sleep way too early this morning so I finally picked up one of the books I’ve started recently, Austenland by Shannon Hale. I’ve read a couple of her young adult fictions and never seem to be able to find her Newbury Medal Princess Academy in libraries. Still real popular, I guess.

Anyhow . . . Austenland was a slow starter for me earlier this week, or perhaps I was just too tired whenever I picked it up before bed. Until this morning. Way too early this morning! But I thoroughly enjoyed finishing it! A cute, fun, clean book about a girl who thinks she’s done looking for love but finds herself plopped down in Austenland where she actually finds herself and what she truly wants.

Just as I finished, Morgan was wide awake and frisky. We nuzzled each other and then she was off to kiss her stuffed toys good morning. Not fifteen minutes later, McKay was up and ready for kisses and cheerful banter. It was fun to have some cute things to kiss on after the fun book, but it also had me asking why such little ones wake with all the morning joy. Ya know, why is youth wasted on the youth? Easton seems to have already outgrown the early bird phase and he’s nearing six. It truly is fleeting.

But then I was awash with gratitude for the gift these little babes are to me. They brighten my day from the get go, even though I don’t always wake up nice and chipper! Sure, they’re hard work and we trudge through tantrums now and then. Our days are often emotional roller-coasters. But if I make it a priority to soak up the many moments in our day when my babies are sweet, want me to snuggle and read a story, nuzzle nose to nose, allow them to climb all over their siblings for prime lap real estate, and just plain listen to their questions and thoughts . . . this is one of the best times of life! Such fresh innocence.

And now I’ll give in to McKay’s pleadings to read Easton’s school library book. Eastman’s “Are You My Mother” but McKay says ‘Muvver’ which I absolutely love. He and I read it at least three separate times yesterday. And I’m sure we’ll probably read it a few more times again today before I descend into a sleep deprived cranky mom who will have forgotten this morning’s treasures.

Here's some goodies from the past couple days here:

Ryan with Easton after finishing in yesterday's 10k Pumpkin Run. I'm so proud of my man getting out there on a whim and pounding out a 10k after not having run once since his marathon! He's dreaming up his next conquest. I hope I can be like him when I grow up!

After the run, the kids were given these hats and some little teddy bears. McKay loves his hat and put it on first thing this morning. I love this spunky kid!

I'd already posted my "Happiness is" by the time Easton got home from school but this truly deserved to be in that post! As he settled in to play his video game while McKay kept napping, he thought he'd enjoy some solitude. But Morgan had other ideas. She came up behind him and kept leaning in giving him kisses on the shoulder. He tried to shrug her off and ignore his admirer. I asked Easton to let her give him some kisses and then I assured him she'd be on her way.

I was wrong. Once she got him, she wouldn't let up! She climbed up in the chair next to him for better positioning. He desperately wanted to be left alone like I'd promised! She was loving his attention! At one point she'd climbed out of the chair and was trying to climb up on him in his chair to give him some more lovin'. Finally, I came to his rescue so he could play his game. The picture doesn't capture her aggressiveness, but it was the best one I caught and I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it! He's such a good big brother!