Wednesday, October 21

Happiness is . . .

Happiness is not having to leave the house in the dark of morning to scrape ice from the van to get Easton to the bus stop. HURRAY for Ryan being able to take over that now as he heads into work!

Happiness is keeping a snotty-nosed, coughing 3 year old home from kindergarten so I could snuggle and read to him on the couch instead of bundling him and the baby up to walk to school. Instead we're still in pajamas at 1pm and he's crashed on the couch taking a nap after eating chopped up celery with spritzes of balsamic dressing! This kid's food choices amaze me sometimes!

Happiness was earlier watching this 3 year old show me how fast he can run in his Super Suit, ie. the thrift store "Incredibles" costume for $1.50, while having to hold up his breeches since it's a 5T size. Heaven smiled on me Monday when I found this steal!

Happiness is having a full spread enchilada, bean dip, spanish rice, cheese sauce, chips and guac dinner ready for the missionaries tonight done by noon! I'd make salsa but haven't found a recipe I like yet. Got one?

Happiness is being Morgan's favorite playmate and jungle gym because I can be home all day with her! Of course, today that requires having her snot and drool all over my shirt because she's teething and her preferred method of contact is smashing her face into wherever suits her whim. Her giddy chatter and giggles make my day every day!

Happiness is knowing all library items were finally returned and I found two fun books to read if I so choose! I'm needing a breather from Joseph Smith: Rough Stone Rolling which I'm enjoying but it's a thick, long read. So now I've got Austenland and Four Seasons in Rome: On Twins, Insomnia, and the Biggest Funeral in the History of the World. Liking them both so far. The other night as I began "Four Seasons", Ryan and I got some good chuckles remembering our own transitions moving our real young family to a foreign country and all that entails in the first few days.

Happiness is knowing Ryan gets to come home every evening to our family and be my best friend and a fun daddy to our kids! We are blessed!!!

Happiness is feeling like we're getting a good education at FPU developing a sound financial plan together so we can be ready for rainy days and make our money work for us.

Happiness is being spun in circles in the Man Chair by Morgan getting her laps in while I finish this.

Happiness is those darn delicious brownies Ryan makes calling for my attention! I'll have to catch ya'll later because happiness is eating them, not listening to them . . . unless you're my hips.