Sunday, October 18

Feel 'da love!

It got real cold at the end of this week and we pulled out the winter box. To get us ready to walk to Easton's bus stop one afternoon, I put Morgan in her new snowsuit which she did not appreciate very much. On the other hand, McKay acted like the winter box was like Christmas and has enjoyed picking which hat to wear for each outing. As Morgan was beginning to have a meltdown in her marshmallow suit, McKay came over and started giving her sweet, gentle kisses which she leaned into. Ahh, he's finally finding his groove with his sister! He's always tried to give her attention but has often been a little rough. I catch them giving love a lot lately and oh how I LOVE IT!!!

While we were getting ready for church this morning, McKay started counting in German! Phonetically, this is what he sounded like: "Ine, zwi, thumb, fair. . . Mom, I count German wike my teacher, of it!" (The "of it" is his characteristic way of ending each thing he says and Ryan and I get such a kick out of it still we haven't worked on correcting him. He can thank us later!) We practiced counting to ten in German as a family on the way to church and Ryan mentioned at dinner when McKay pulled it out again that I should make a sign for the dining room for us to practice with. I think it'll be fun !

One of the missionaries serving in our ward gets the biggest kick out of the faces McKay pulls when doing his kung fu moves. Each time we see this elder at church, he gives McKay a high five and asks him to show off his moves. Too funny. I took some pictures tonight of my little man doing his moves! Enjoy!

On Friday after school, Easton told me his classmate Olivia asked him to marry her. I asked, "And what did you say?" He meekly replied, "I say, 'Oh.'" Then he asked when we'd be going back to Virginia because he missed his friends there, especially Isabelle (Washington). We do have great friends there for sure and I miss them too. Then Easton told me that when he grows up big like daddy and gets married to a girl, he's going to have a hundred babies because he loves babies and wants more than me and daddy have. Oh, he's such a sweet boy!

Morgan woke up with the funnest bed head this week! Peacock, cockatoo, or punk rocker chick? I don't know, but boy did I LOVE IT!!! Made me smile all day long!

Last night we watched Ratatouille on AFN. I made Ryan take this because I keep having moments where I can't get enough of these kiddos at these ages! They're just too cute, precious, they ask to snuggle up like this and we all fit together onto one love seat! Feel the love, man! Copa girls - does it qualify for the coveted love feast name? Time's passing too fast for this happy, very grateful mom!