Friday, October 16

My blonde baby is ONE!

Showin' her spunk and trading squawks with her dad! A favorite past time.

Our Morgan Jane is a year old! It's been fun to read over her arrival from last year's post. My friend Heike had asked what time Morgan had been born as we were walking kids home from the bus and I honestly couldn't even remember! Here's the scoop from a year ago.

The boys were so excited to celebrate another birthday with candles and were even happier we did cupcakes. You can see Morgan's reactions to her first birthday's cupcakes - it's a mixed bag!

She sure likes the candle lit on top!

What's this pink stuff on top of my cupcake?!

That's my sweet baby girl! Oh how I love my babies and having a girl has been so much fun! She's not so much into dresses because they get in the way of her crawling. The ladies at church have gotten a good chuckle out of her bear crawl down the halls, bum high in the air to keep up her pace!

She's really into kisses lately which is just too fun! I was sitting on the floor helping McKay with his socks and shoes and she crawled up, scaled my lap and planted a kiss on my cheek. She also did this to Easton as he was playing his Xbox game. Oh she's so sweet! She's a true momma's girl, loves snuggling and smashing nose to nose with giggles.

She loves her brothers and tries to keep up with them. Easton loves to tickle her belly and play peek-a-boo. McKay's still a bit rough and likes to tease her to screams, but it's outta love and cute in its own way. He doesn't hold still enough for her to get in her kisses, but I love watching her be affectionate to her brothers. She's fascinated and energized by their crazy, silly rowdy games!

Both boys were walking at a year old and she's done a couple steps unknowingly so she'll get there soon! I really enjoy watching her make her rounds in our apartment, a.k.a. Morgan's circuit gym:

- Kiss her babydoll and other stuffed animals as well as test drive whatever cars suit her fancy in the playroom. To chill her out, I either go for her blanket or a soft plush toy to kiss - works every time!
- Crawl into the laundry room to check on the washing machine spin cycle.
- Check out the living room for any leftover toys or interesting objects like Ryan's water or milk glasses left on the floor. (not my favorite)
- Give the Man Chair a few go-arounds being sure mom or dad plays her peek-a-boo game as she comes around.
- Check under the table for any leftovers.
- Take the tupperware out of the cupboard and the silverware out of the dishwasher if it's open. - Crawl into her room to pull her blanket out of her crib for a few comfort munches.
- And play with the boys' letters and the door stop in the entryway.

She's a busy low-maintenance gal and meant to be in our family! We can't imagine life without her! She's my least sound sleeper and sure enjoys sprawling on me in my bed when I'm too tired to stick to my guns in the wee morning hours. Aggravating and pure sweet joy in the same weary moments! Oh I love her and can't wait to see what she'll become as the years will roll by too fast!

** I would have gotten to this last night after putting the sugar-highed kids to bed, but Ryan and I were riveted on the runaway hot air balloon that possibly held a six year old inside. I'm soooo relieved the little guy was found at home where he'd been hiding in the attic from getting in trouble earlier. PHEW! Kids!