Wednesday, October 14

Buyer's Remorse

Now that our little lives are on the move a bit more, the necessity of having portable snacks becomes all the more imperative. Baggies or anything else works pretty well for the boys, but Morgan requires a bit more supervision. I've had my eye out for those little covered snack cups that allow little fingers to grab a cheerio at leisure without spilling the whole kit'n'kaboodle. Shopping at the commissary and PX are the most affordable while the dollar is down, but you never know what necessities will or will not be on the shelves. I haven't seen these handy little cups there in the four months I've been watching for them.

Yesterday, I went shopping "on the economy" with a friend. We both had our babies with us. Hers slept quite adorably in her cute pink fleece. Mine had melt downs even though, or probably because, I tried every cute girly headband and hat on her. At the tail end of our adventure, we'd gotten to the store I thought might have these cups. Morgan was DONE so I swiped the cup and we headed to the register after looking at some really adorable baby snow suits! Because we were in melt down management mode, the price didn't even register in my head, but it came outta my wallet with way too much ease!

ONE darn snack cup was 9,99 euro! Today that's $14.86! I don't know if I'd even pay that for a three pack! Good grief! Yet another reason shopping with children is not my favorite!

Later that day I realized my blunder but the thought of heading downtown again to return it with TWO children in tow that desperately needed naps made the idea seem just short of insanity. It also deterred me from heading to the commissary for the necessities of milk and eggs.

Why is it when you're out of something, you crave it? I wanted oatmeal for breakfast but don't like it without milk. I was able to trick the boys into eating my dad's favorite fried egg on toast rather than whine for cereal. For lunch I really wanted tomato soup which requires milk -- no watery tomato soup for me. Bleh! The agony will end when Ryan saves the day this evening! My knight in shining armor!

Of course, milk to him is as water to a camel. I can't help but share how when we got married, I think we went through a gallon a day! My morning milk on cereal and a glass at dinner didn't make much of a dent but I'm not pointing any fingers. Did I mention we were both working full time so these weren't dainty daytime sips here and there? I think we're down to about three gallons a week now, mostly because they're sold as half gallons. Our own little portion control system! There could definitely be worse habits so I count my blessings!