Monday, November 9

Walking home from the bus . . .

Here's my crew all bundled up and protected from the elements while waiting for Easton's bus to arrive. We saw our first snowflakes falling fast to the ground among the drizzling rain!

As I pulled up the rain guard, my little cowboy was bushed!
Guess all the stories, tickles and wrestling after lunch worked their magic!

My happy kindergartner with his mug of hot chocolate. Hat hair can be so cute! McKay went right down for his nap from the stroller and after Morgan finished munching on a sandwich quarter of McKay's, she has now joined him in dream land. What a great rainy day!

Oh yes, and I enjoyed the following BYU Kennedy Center for International Studies lecture about religious diplomacy while doing my chores. As I find myself talking to friends of other faiths and aching to know the real them without opening a can of worms, I'm grateful for the tools this lecture provides.