Sunday, November 15

No School = FUN TIMES!

I had my first parent-teacher conference this week for Easton! WHOA! I truly love his teacher, Ms. Senna. She loves her job and is continually striving to learn more, try new things, and she shares it with other future teachers. She's been very attentive to Easton and emails me with questions and observations about him. Easton got a glowing review and is showing great improvement in all the assessment areas such as reading, writing, and drawing. When they begin reading groups after the Christmas break, she said she'll likely be sending him to the first grade class. Tonight, he read my posts aloud as I was typing them up. In church today, he started thumbing through my scriptures and reading random verses and follows along with the hymns. In school, she said he hung back a lot at first only trying a few activity areas in a day. Now she says he really goes through them all routinely and plays well with whomever he is with - girl or boy. I'm just so proud of him!

Because of parent-teacher conferences and Veteran's day, Easton had Wed-Fri off from school. I already blogged me and Ryan's fun date on Veteran's day at the Mineraltherme. YAHOO! On Thursday, I took the kids swimming on my own at the Sindelfingen pool.

I was wondering how I'd do on my own with them now that Morgan is fully mobile on those short wobbly legs and Easton's desire to be in the big pool to practice his laps. Luckily, we had the entire kid pool to ourselves and there were only a handful of older boys in the big pool with Easton. PHEW! We only stayed for an hour and a half because Morgan thoroughly wore herself out - that walkin' fool!

She desperately wanted to keep up with the boys but couldn't quite get the hang water affecting the swing in her saunter! I keep realizing what an independent gal she is. She refuses to accept steadying help from me or anyone! I've often forewarned babysitters that she has to warm up to them on her own before they should attempt to pick her up, but there in the pool I realized what a determined little gal she is!

On Friday, after the parent-teacher conference and a fun long chat with friends who watched Easton while I was at the conference, a friend and I met at Sensapolis to give it a go. Sensapolis is the mother of all indoor playgrounds! In a huge building, probably six or seven stories high, they have a bunch of huge themed playgrounds - a space ship, a castle, a Peter Pan style tree house, a pirate ship and other ones I haven't fully explored. Tons of slides of various sizes and a foam ball area with air popper shooters! The kids were in heaven and I didn't take near enough pictures of its awesomeness! Here's the kids enjoying the science / water area.

My friend has had a number of challenges and trials since her baby was born and was feeling daring. An "I am woman, hear me roar!" sort of urge. She challenged me - said she'd do the cat walk if I would.

Being a scaredy cat of heights but having done that fun zip line in New Hampshire a few years ago, I thought it could be fun with trepidation. When Dawn finally told me it was my turn, I just climbed up there without letting myself really think about it. It wasn't until I was all harnessed up and climbing over the side that fear set in! WHY in the world did I ever agree to this?! I have literally no core strength I realized. It was terrifying, thrilling, and I am quite proud I did it! Especially as a mom sat up there after her daughter finished it before me and was practically crying to her daughter that she wouldn't, couldn't try it because it was too terrifying. The best part? Oh, it's a toss up between finishing or being at the beginning and seeing my kids hollering up at me with my friend's son yelling, "You're gonna DIE!" Thanks, Jared! The course was at least six stories up! [Pictures are of Dawn braving the course - You Go Girl!]

A woman we met in the beginning had told us of her husband giving it a try and coming down sweating profusely from how hard it was whereas her 8 year old daughter let go and pitter-pattered like Peter Pan in the harness breezing through the course. I'm so glad she'd told us this because when I reached the half way point on the cargo net, I did the Peter Pan. I didn't want us to run out of time and for Dawn to miss the opportunity of her crazy dare! Aren't I a good friend?!

When Dawn began, she couldn't stop grinning. By the time she hit the cargo net, an intense look of concentration took over. The grin was back as she slid down the slide from the top at the end. I could hear her squealing with laughter all the way down. Ahh, it's so fun to be a kid again! I wonder if I can talk Ryan into the necessity of season passes to get us through the dullness of a long winter?! I can't wait to take Ryan here with the kids!