Sunday, November 15

Brag bag

Our mobile Morgan has a new favorite activity. Gathering items for easy transport. This was my favorite of the week. She went and got McKay's boot and filled it with as many letters as she could. Before this was taken, she had walked off with her boot full of loot.

With all the fun stuff we did this week, I was so grateful Ryan let us stay home on Saturday and put our house in order. Even better, he single-handedly tackled our mold issue! One of our bathrooms and two of the bedrooms seem to have ventilation issues. In the bedrooms, the condensation on the window doors is causing mold to grow on the wood floor beneath. Initially, I asked that we split the job and he could pick either the bathroom or the bedroom to do and I'd do the other. When he finished the bathroom and began on the bedroom, I got all teary. I was just so darn grateful I married him! He often goes the extra mile for me and I appreciate it so much!!!

Sorry to bombard ya today, but I felt the need to catch up a little and neglected my other motherly duties this evening to get it done! Thanks again, Ryan, for picking up my slack!