Sunday, November 15

Cousins have arrived!

Ryan's brother, Eric, has recently moved to Munich with his wife and six kids! Who'd a thunk we'd have family living two hours away while here in Germany?! We're quite excited!

Ryan was able to go meet them at the airport with their 21 bags. It was a group effort to get everyone and the luggage to their hotel that evening. Ryan brought two of our nephews back with him and Easton and McKay were so excited to see them! Everyone slept well the first night but the time difference caught up with the boys the next night and they couldn't sleep. It was an adventure and we had fun having them here!

Ryan was once again the resident jungle gym and roughed everyone up which they all thoroughly loved! They played a rowdy version of Fly Up with a nerf football that had everyone laughing their heads off! Well, except maybe Morgan. It was rather loud and crazy for her taste! But she and Rand hit it off and he was really sweet with her.

[Morgan watching the boys rough-housing with Ryan.]

We'll go spend Thanksgiving with them at their house. Thank heavens they've got a guest room, even if it's BYOB (bring your own bed)! They are living very spartan until their house goods arrive some time in December we all hope!

Their relocation has really made me and Ryan reflect on our own almost a year ago. They've truly had to jump in with both feet much faster than I did! I had the luxury of hiding away in a hotel with my little crew until I was brave enough to emerge in spurts. They moved into an empty house two days after arrival and had to track down some necessities like a washer/dryer. Four days after arrival, Tamsyn was navigating the bus and train system to get the kids to their international school! Imagine their trek to church that first Sunday with half the family taking the train because not everyone would fit in the small car at their disposal! What an adjustment for the kids starting at a new school and Eric at a new job! WOWZER! They don't have the convenience Ryan and I do of our Little America on bases and the job and move happened pretty quickly - well, more of a hurry up, wait for what seemed like forever, and then JUMP RIGHT NOW! I'm so proud of them! Let the fun begin!