Thursday, November 12

Fabulous local date!

Ryan had Veteran's Day off yesterday so I found us a sitter. We rarely go on dates and were long overdue! Our initial plans didn't pan out, but our backup sure did!

We drive by Mineraltherme, a hot spring spa, daily and it tempts us often. It seems there are many hot springs and spas to enjoy in Germany that we keep hearing about. Knowing nothing about this place, we decided to drive over and check it out simply because we could. Oh sweet heaven! For 10 euro each, we had 2 1/2 hours to enjoy the various pools. I think there were six of them, all heated, some inside and some outside. There were no children present and I think we were among the youngest there since it was the middle of the week during the work day. Nice and quiet, just the sound of water and therapeutic water jets. I could really get used to this!

Yesterday was a pretty clear day, but chilly. Being in those warm pools with various types of jets in different sections was pretty darn fabulous. I think our favorite part, however, were the massaging spouts! They had a few spouts here of varying heights and pressures for head, neck and back massages. High pressure water would shoot out and you had to hang on to something to stay your ground to enjoy it. It was wild!

As Ryan was enjoying one of these head/neck massages, he kept splashing this one older couple and this wasn't just trivial little splashes! These were high power dowsings! Ryan was completely oblivious to what was happening and wouldn't have heard me if I'd tried to call his attention. The gentleman moved away quickly as he was hit in the face but his wife tried turning around to avoid the random spurts. Finally she had to move away and I was relieved that she thought it was kinda funny how much Ryan was enjoying himself completely unaware of his surroundings.

Our other favorite was the foot massage jets. Oh, we couldn't get enough of that one!!! Unfortunately, we discovered them late in the game and a water aerobics class began in that same pool after our second round! Drats! I kept telling Ryan that when he can tell I need a break, he needs to send me here. Often! Or preferably for him to get a sitter and join me!

We used the entire 2 1/2 hours making it around to each pool and enjoying what each one had to offer. And since we had all that time, it facilitated all sorts of lengthy fun chats. When we left, we both felt like we'd gotten massages. Now we just needed to get dressed and go fill our bellies before curling up for a happy nap!

Speaking of getting dressed, I really like how they do the changing rooms here! It just makes sense. When we paid our entrance fee, we got an electronic wrist band that got us through the turn stile. The band let us lock up our things in a locker in the unisex changing rooms. When you enter the changing area, you have to go through a changing stall to get to the lockers. You change in a private stall and then the band lets you lock your things up before you proceed to the pool areas.

When we were done with our session, there's separate men's and women's shower and bathrooms. A little too much naked going on! But then ya head back to unlock the locker and grab your stuff to change. The band goes in a slot at the entrance/exit to get you back out through the turn stile. Very efficient!

Then it was time to feed our bellies and boy did we! Ryan craved a steak and I think it must have still been moo-ing. Ewww. After stuffing ourselves too full, we found and followed signs to the Boeblingen Christmas Bazaar. We wandered among the stalls wishing they'd cranked out the Christmas music to create the right vibe. As it was, just a few stalls here and there had a little music playing lightly. Having eaten too much and circled the warm indoor bazaar, I was exhausted when we got home! The kids were all riled up to have their dad, the human jungle gym, home again but I headed to bed early so I could snuggle up with my book. Great day! I think Mineraltherme will be seeing us again soon!