Sunday, October 11

Nothin' says fall like . . .

Soup's On!
Beyond my obvious love of fall follaige, when autumn arrives I must make soup! In the past couple years I've begun collecting my favorite recipes because apparently, I'm an adult who cooks now. (Oh, it hurts sometimes!) Last week I busted out with a potato, cheese and broccoli soup. I was so relieved it turned out just as tasty as last year! Then we did the obligatory Campbell's tomato soup with grilled cheese. This past week was time for homemade chicken noodle soup for my sickies and yesterday was beef stew. I have yet to make my other favorites - Pumpkin, Taco, and Linnea's kielbasa sausage and bean soup. Oh how I love fall! If you have a favorite, do pass it along this way!

Pie Dream!
Autumn also means Ryan's pies! HALLELUJAH!!! Unfortunately, he loves them as much as I do. He granted my wish and baked our favorite apple pie last night. Our kids love Ryan's pies as much as we do and Ryan and I have debated at length whether this is a good thing or not. I was all excited this afternoon to have a final slice until I found the empty pie plate on the counter! How could that be?! I was crushed. Deflated. In despair. But at least there's another pie shell waiting in the fridge for his fabulous pumpkin pie - my second favorite with lots of homemade whipping cream!

Hello Cuties! So long, Moon Boots!
Due to a multitude of factors yesterday, we didn't head to Munich to meet up with Ryan's brother and sister-in-law that were house hunting. As I drove to base to get groceries in the pouring rain enjoying the perfect peak folliage, I thought, "Man, I wish we were off enjoying a drive today!" Oh wait, I was! And even better, no one was needing anything from me! Ahhhhh . . .

In that same spirit, I also stopped by the PX to actually take the time to try on running shoes. It's been so tortuously long since I've done so. While in Italy last March, I threw out my NINE year old pair because they made my feet hurt in one hour while my sandals helped my feet last all day! Yup, those sneakers had had their day. I tried on and padded around in various pairs to my heart's delight because I was on my own and could! The pair I liked totally doesn't conform to what I've absorbed from that great audiobook "Born to Run," but the likelihood of me actually going running is slim. I just want a good sturdy pair for my walks and adventures. Hold the presses! I also spotted some cute winter boots! The last time I wore boots was borrowing a pair of monstrosities known in my childhood as "moon boots" from my parents' collection. It was for a worthy cause - a family sledding trip at the lodge! At least ten plus years ago!

Last winter I was frustrated that I didn't own boots to enjoy playing in the snow with my boys compounded by the deplorable dollar-to-euro exchange rate. Not this year! I'll be a fun mom if it kills me! Bring on the snow! I bought those boots and can't wait to see if they're as fun to wear to/from kindergarten and the bus.

Fretting over Halloween Costumes
I wish I liked planning costumes. I haven't. Ever in my life. I hope I don't pass this along to my kids. I hope they enjoy it. I've begun collecting random costumes at yard sales and such but we still have slim pickings, although they loves dressing up in what we've got now and then. I don't sew and can't claim the crafty gene just yet. Luckily, Easton wants to be Indiana Jones again this year! We're not sure on McKay, but I think Morgan's crazy wispy blonde mullet could make for a great 80s punk rocker chick with some bright pink chunks! Ideas?

GC snuggling at home!
We caught up on General Conference this weekend as well. Easton enjoyed classic Conference Bingo for a session yesterday and mazes from the packet for today. Ryan made what my family always called "coffee cake" - the yummy Bisquick streusel cake where you double the cinnamon topping. Unless you're my brother Chris who once 7x'd the topping! No joke! At the very end of the last session today, all three kids were snuggled against Ryan's chest in his "man chair" and it was just too adorable for this gal!

How blessed we are now to be able to enjoy General Conference from the comfort of our homes, where ever in the world we are! Technology ROCKS!!! And after many trial and error trips to MediaMarkt last spring, we finally found the laptop-to-tv hookup! Yahoo!!!

"In closing," as the kids ask for the millionth time if they can have their habitual daily popsicle, I wonder which is worse for them - ice pops or hot chocolate with marshmellows? I foresee Easton becoming a microwaving aficionado in the near future. With nachos under his belt already, heating a cup of water a little can't be too far off!