Monday, August 10

Today, Cute = Survival

Morgan is back to waking up in the wee hours of the morning again. I think we're hitting another growth spurt. Yes, that must be it! But I've been having a bout with allergies this week so mornings are not my favorite time. Today we had two impromptu play dates which saved my life - well, actually it probably did more to save the boys' lives to be honest! A few late nights have made them a little whiney and this momma doesn't do whiney! I'm sure you're all familiar with your kids' letting their inner beasts shine for company. So with or without friends over, it was a little rough, except for a couple rosy moments that I choose to share below.

McKay is fascinated with slugs. During story time on my bed this afternoon, he slithered on his belly and said, "Mom, I'm a swug! See?"

Easton was playing with his stickers today. He came to me and said, "Look Mom, I spelled my name!" If you look closely at his picture, he's spelled it out on his chest backwards.

Morgan cracks me up with her choices of past times. For instance, part of our daily routine has to do with the diaper wipes. If the box ever gets left out, she crawls over and starts pulling those wipes out like her life depends on it. And then, she likes to suck on them! Gross!

When she heads for the toy room, she gravitates to the bears and dolls, softer toys. She slobbers on them, pokes their eyes, and wrestles them to the ground. She's definitely different from my boys!