Saturday, August 15

Conversation Overheard . . .

Ryan and I were in the living room preparing our lessons for church tomorrow. The kids were in the playroom. Easton and McKay were talking back and forth as they played. McKay had his sword and Easton had a car. Normal as normal gets around here.

Overheard . . .
Easton: I’m going to the temple because it’s white, and white inside. And I’m going to get baptized. Do you wanta go to the temple and get baptized so you can live with Heavenly Father?
McKay: No, I wanta get special powers.

Easton made driving and them splashing noises and said something about how he was getting baptized and now had special powers.

McKay: I wanta get special powers.
Easton: Okay, then go in the temple and splash in the water.