Wednesday, August 19


This week has been on the warmer side and so their kindergarten has played in the water each day. We also got a new sprinker for the kids so when the boys get home, they eat lunch and then head outside to play in the sprinkler. By 3pm, they are ornery and hungry, but earlier bedtimes have been nice! Yesterday McKay fell asleep in the car around 4:15 and an hour later we just put him in bed. He slept until 5:30 this morning. One tired kid. Morgan had woken up at 5 and I'd fed her and put us both back to bed knowing McKay would be up any minute since the sun was starting to light the skyline.

While back in bed trying to decide whether or not to try and sleep or get up and tackle some to-dos for our trip this weekend, I heard McKay get up and start scavenging for food. Last night we had pancakes, bacon and eggs for dinner in my lame attempt to satisfy my IHOP cravings. [I think the thing I miss most about the States is having a good breakfast joint! Oh, and a Five Guys burger joint and Fireworks pizza but we can somewhat satiate all food cravings here except the breakfast joint. Mmmmm, buttermilk pancakes . . .]

I knew McKay had found the leftover pancakes that I'd intentionally left out for the boys to raid. Then I began to panick. I couldn't remember if the syrup had been put away. I got up and headed off McKay in the kitchen doorway. He was holding the opened syrup jug in his hot little hands. He was headed for Ryan's leather recliner, aka The Man Chair, where he'd put his pancake on a plate. "Ryan owes me big time for heading off this disaster!" I told myself quite self-satisfied.

And then I stepped in a big foot-wide goo of syrup.

McKay had tried to clean up his mess from opening the syrup bottled so I didn't see it until I was in it. Grrrrr! And on my fresh mopped floors! Then I demanded to know if he had it on his feet too. Nope, just his hands.

After his breakfast, he and Morgan headed for the playroom. It didn't take long for McKay to become territorial and start hollering at his sister. Only now he's using his German to reprimand her! "Nein, Nein, Nein, Morgan!" He started this last week. He'd say, "No, No, No! Nein, Nein, Nein!" to her all the time but now he's dropped the English. He's tried a couple other words here and there I think but I obviously haven't understood him. I just know it ain't English. Should I be worried that this is the German he's absorbed from 2 months of kindergarten? Does it reflect what he hears the most? Could be, but I like the teachers and the boys keep wanting to go back each day so I think we're ok.

. . . why is it when one child is whiney-crying, the others must join in with noise at the same decibel level? Right now, it's Morgan's whine with McKay's fire engine alert. Heaven help me! It's not even 6:30!