Tuesday, August 4

Seen and Heard Today

McKay - "We don't say that word. We say tooshy." Easton had said "bottom" apparently and normally McKay would let it slide, but when he's in dictator mode, you will be reprimanded no matter who you are! The boys have been trying to say butt lately and it doesn't fly around here. We're such mean parents! We're fighting a loosing battle, but their innocence is so wonderful while it lasts!

I should take a pictures of the mound of socks McKay goes through daily now. He's so proud of being able to put them on by himself that he runs to put on a new pair any time he steps on a drop of water, spit-up, or sees a spec of dirt! Good thing I'm caught up on laundry, otherwise I'd be really put out! It's pretty funny to hear him report on the event requiring a new pair. I think I counted at last six pairs today.

This hat and his "new" rain boots are his favorite daily wear, any time, going anywhere. The boots were in the van today so McKay decided to wear a different shoe on each foot and both were the wrong foot for that shoe. Easton has never obsessed about his clothes other than textures. McKay wants to pick his clothes for the day if he can now. Oh boy!

Easton - Huge loud crash in the living room this afternoon. I ran in and Easton was shaking like a leaf! It took a good five minutes of holding him to calm him down. He'd been trying to put a dvd in the machine and the entire shelf fell down behind the TV. He thought he was in big trouble but seeing him shaking freaked me out!

The boys and I cleaned their playroom and bedroom today. I caught myself before whining to them about all the books they leave all over the house. I'm actually loving how much time they spend pouring over books and seeing Easton read many starters to McKay or tell him the story of others. They have great little discussions about the plots and characters which I'll see them acting out later with their toys.

While I took care of a lot of paperwork today, the biggest fight was over Easton refusing to play with McKay. McKay was devastated! I didn't know who to put in time out - McKay for not giving Easton some space, or Easton for ignoring McKay just to bug him. I put McKay in time out because I've been trying to teach Easton how to ignore things that bother him rather than descending into a tantrum. Hmmmm . . . still not sure if I did that one right today. Always tomorrow.

Actually, I'm dreading tomorrow because Easton has to have a shot. Hepatitis A is required for school here. Last time he had a shot, I forewarned him of the shot about five minutes beforehand and he totally freaked out. He was carrying on so much that by the time the doctor finished his physical, Easton asked if they'd given him the shot already! He had McKay in a panic too. That was a fun visit. No warning this time and McKay will be at kindergarten so he won't be traumatized about doctor visits. Pray for me!

Morgan devouring a peach at dinner. She's only got two teeth, but she gnawed and sucked that thing down to the pit!

Food is serious business, no smiles. She's quickly losing interest in baby cereals and jarred foods. Can't blame her for wanting the real thing! I tried to get Ryan to do cleanup on this one, but he opted to make chocolate chip cookies. I conceded, as if I had a choice. She got a bath with lots of splash time. The wrestling match that ensued as I tried to get her dressed had Ryan laughing at us. She replied with the shrillest happy shrieks to her daddy. Oh those banshee shrieks! There are noises my kids make whose tones send me over the edge!

After Ryan watched the trailer for Disney's new "Tron" movie, he had to introduce the boys to a classic tonight. They loved it and Ryan and I got some good laughs. I didn't grow up with this movie like Ryan did. It'll be interesting to see what comes of "The Legacy."

I thought a lot today about my family and all the busy-ness that consumes life the week of a wedding. My brother Nick is getting married this weekend. We were lucky enough to catch mom and him on Skype last night. He's cool as a cucumber, even ran to get my parents' new family pup, Maggie, registered yesterday! Cute couple, eh!

Actually, last night I picked up a notebook by my bed and saw that it had a couple entries from when Ryan proposed to me and the week of our wedding. I'm so glad I'd written these because there were some neat details I'd forgotten like the hand-made veil by a family friend, Liz Fisher. What she charged for veils is donated to the church's Humanitarian Aid Fund because of some experiences she had visiting headquarters.

My mom and her siblings have challenged each other to write their life's story as their gifts to each other for Christmas 2010. Mom extended the invite to me and I can't decide whether to start from scratch or organize and digitize all the journals and pictures I've got. A lot of work either way, but fun to think about!