Monday, August 3

And home on Sunday . . .

Ryan and Easton were sleepyheads, so I left Morgan with some snacks to munch on while McKay and I went down to eat breakfast in peace. Meals with a 9 month old and no baby seat are anything but peaceful. First I tried to get McKay to get dressed, but he’s recently discovered how to dress and undress himself and says, “No mom, I do it myself!” I had to surrender as all moms do. We walked down to breakfast with him wearing his shirt on backwards and his pajama pants on inside out. But he did his shirt, pants, socks and shoes all by himself! I’ve seen much worse fashion offenses and since he was only going to smear jam and spill hot chocolate all over himself, it really didn’t matter.

The guy who runs the Pension is from England and it was classic hearing him interact with patrons in the morning! Beyond not being a morning person and looking very disheveled, you could tell he was mustering every bit of tact and patience he could to deal with some patrons. For instance, a conversation overheard at breakfast:

Woman: We just have juice, bread, jam, and butter at our table.
Owner: Yes. Would you like some coffee, tea or hot chocolate?

[Woman goes back to her parents who are visibly put out. She returns.]

Woman: Do you have any eggs or something else?
Owner with some finality in his tone: We don’t have any eggs because we don’t have a chef.

After breakfast, we had McKay get dressed again. It took awhile since he did it himself. Then he proudly declared, “I put my shoes on by myself. Now I get a dog?”

While packing up to leave, it began to rain and rain. Evidently, the pension owner’s weather forecast of a day like yesterday with just a bit more cloud cover had to be taken with a grain of salt. Our vision of stopping to see waterfalls and the lake on the way home dissolved. Oh well. We made it home in time for dinner and some good hot baths and showers before bed! What a great vacation!