Friday, July 10

Holy Mortification, Batman!

It was a little rough around here today. Upon returning from taking Ryan to work, I saw our hausmeister (building manager who lives across the hall) and said Good Morning! He got rather red faced as he approached me and began visibly shaking as he attempted to control himself. My boys had thrown jagged fist-sized rocks into his yard yesterday afternoon and he was very upset about it. He motioned that I should go see it with him and acted like he was going to go with us. I turned to call the boys out of the van and when I turned back, the hausmeister had jumped in his car and was speeding away!

I don't do well with confrontation. I'm a people pleaser to a fault, unless you're family that lives with me. (Boy do I wish I could reprogram this!) Anyhow, I was really shaken up by this confrontation and took the next twenty minutes crying off and on while getting the boys ready for kindergarten. How could I rectify the situation? Would I need an intermediary to convey enough humility? If I called my friend down the street, would I just be more embarrassed in front of my new friend by whatever accusations might fly? I had made the boys come in yesterday because I found them throwing rocks in our yard, but it hadn't crossed my mind to check next door.

My neighbor, the hausmeister, has an immaculate yard with really nice furniture and ornaments. My jungle leaves much to be desired and I'm embarrassed. I had great intentions this spring, but it's just not coming together for me right now. I left the house trying to figure out a game plan.

I went to visit my friend who recently had her baby when Ryan called me there. I was a little surprised and when I heard him say "police" I almost had a panic attack. I thought the hausmeister had called the cops! I'm telling you, he loves his yard! Then I calmed myself down to listen to what Ryan was saying. I was to meet with the German police about the accident I had in April. [My mind begins swirling over that unfortunate event and what I would say and was it accurate?] Oh what a doozy!

It was a day of running here and there. I ran and got the boys from kindergarten, fed them lunch and we were on our way to the police station in Boeblingen. We arrived on time looking completely confused trying to open doors the wrong way and when I got the receptionist, she must have thought I was quite the loony. Apparently Ryan had just called. I was supposed to meet the German police on the American base, not at the police station. This meant I was now going to be at least a half hour late. Oh joy, kiss the babies one last time just in case they lock me up! Actually, maybe that's not such a bad idea. Can I bring my book and some chocolate covered almonds?

It turned out to be the shortest meeting in history. The two policemen were there to tell me my charge through a translator - failure to yield the right of way causing bodily injury - and take my statement to that fact. I signed a paper saying I would like to speak to a lawyer and now the public defender will decide whether or not to press charges or assess a fine. The other driver decided not to press charges and was not injured badly I was told. [When the accident occurred, he was more concerned that it had been his fault but in the end, I am held liable for the road rule. Bad intersection, obstructed view.] We shall see what happens next.

Got done with that and grabbed the boys from Ryan in his office. We now had a couple hours to kill on base until he was off work. After going a couple places, we headed to the commissary to pick up some groceries. Oh I should never shop with the boys!!! They consider the aisles as their personal racing lanes. Easton has taken to running and then sliding-into-home-plate maneuvers for which he was almost run over twice. If looks could kill from those women to me and from me to him! McKay just likes to take off to run "super fast" or is lagging 15 yards behind sucking his thumb. No matter how many time-outs, threats, and scoldings I gave, they just would not behave for more than a minute! Then I turn around and McKay has grabbed a peach and is happily eating it! He just looks at me and says, "I like it!" Oh, where is the nearest hole I can crawl into?!!

Once home, we tried to go do our apology over the rocks and were successful on our second attempt. I was so glad Ryan was home to do it with me because I wasn't sure what to expect. This man is very sweet and has been very shy to speak what good English he knows. We caught him coming home from work. He was very apologetic and said something about how this morning he had not been amused, but now he was better. Not amused, eh? He had even brought the boys a soccer ball and shook their hands. I felt bad that Easton was doing the apology when I KNOW it was McKay throwing the rocks, my little destroyer.

In the end, all of the day's goings on weren't that big a deal. I'm sure this was a piece of cake compared to what I have yet to experience. That's a real comforting thought. But it sure made for one roller coaster of a day!