Wednesday, July 8

He's Perfect, Folks!

Lately, McKay has taken to saying, "Mom, I look Perfect!" once he's been dressed for the day. Sure is quite the three year old!

This was taken one afternoon the first week he started going to kindergarten with Easton. I had sat down to read a book to Easton and McKay grabbed this pillow and was listening to us from this spot on the floor. Besides their car seats, I can count on one hand places besides their beds where they've fallen asleep. They like to sleep in their beds only.

McKay gets so tuckered out, it's easy to get him to nap each day and he and I NEED him to nap! There's some ugly melt downs around here. Bedtime is not so fun. Easton likes to avoid falling asleep at all costs and the two egg each other on. Now they've got Morgan in on their bedtime games. It's all fun and games til someone's screaming and separations ensue.