Monday, June 1

Better Expressed by Others

A few other blog posts I've read recently that beautifully express thoughts or feelings I keep meaning to blog about but they expressed it so well I'd rather you read theirs. Just click on the title to read them. I don't know any of these three LDS women, but appreciate how they are able to express their adventures in motherhood with the light of the gospel.

The Hourglass Theory
This speaks to thoughts I've had over the years about the time old questions of When Does Life Begin and End here on earth? A great read by one of my favorite bloggers.

So, Are You Done?

Ryan and I both don't think so and are very happy with that. I found this post today after a couple months of feeling strongly we're not done, but I share her perspectives on wanting to be a mom and how I think I will know when we're done. I've been wanting to blog about this feeling, but she did a great job and saved me the effort! I don't know her but liked her posts this month - she could be a kindred soul I've never met.

Before I read this, I'd been talking about this with my mom, wondering when she knew she was done after ten kids since she originally thought five sounded about right. She told me a story I hadn't heard her tell before. Much before most of kids were born, she was with my Aunt Linda who is married to my dad's brother, cute Uncle Danny. Aunt Linda had asked mom a question about the church and members having large families. Mom amusedly replied with something like,"It's not like we each have to have ten kids!" And in that moment, she said she just had this gut feeling like she'd sealed her fate or at least been given a personal little confirmation! Oh my lands!!! Still giggling over that one, Mom!

The Labor
Expressed exactly how I feel about labor and my sheer admiration for women who endure it! Great description, not too gory, but beautiful.

The Essence
How can we embrace our role as nurturers and still pursue our personal goals? Her last question, but the one that's had me thinking A LOT, can ya tell?!