Saturday, April 11

A Saturday Spring Morning

McKay got some new letter fridge magnets for his birthday. Right now I'm listening to Easton sing the alphabet until he gets to the next letter needed. Then, he says, "Okay McKay, where's the R?" He helps McKay find the R and then they sing the alphabet again until they get to the next needed letter. I took them through to F and then walked away. Much to my satisfaction, Easton picked up and mirrored my technique without missing a beat. Love this kid!

They just finished and McKay popped up and said, "Mom! I learned my letters! Now let's get them off!" Just like always, he likes to slide any magnet to the bottom of the fridge until it falls off into a collected heap on the floor. And he walks away. Ahhh, joy!

I turned on the TV for their favorite cartoon Phineas and Ferb - 9:30 Saturday mornings 'round these parts. Ryan and I can actually be caught watching this with them, letting out at least one laugh-out-loud moment per episode. Fun times for all!

This morning could have been perfect if Morgan had cooperated. For the past few days she has been expressing her great displeasure being put down for naps. She scoots herself up to a crib gate, rolls over and just wails until she passes out or I go sooth her. After 20 minutes this morning, I finally gave in out of guilt for what I know is quickly coming to us - weaning. I know she is just testing limits and really is tired. After I held her in the dark for five minutes, I put her down and she only squawked for a minute before falling asleep. This week we began introducing solid foods because I have to wean her to formula and solid foods ASAP. I need to start on a new maintenance drug for my ulcerative colitis that is acting up again and the doctor recommends I stop nursing. (INSERT desire to start crying!) I really enjoy nursing my babies and feel so blessed that it has worked for us. I have loved not having to mess with bottles and hate that now I'll have to. I'm looking forward to sharing the feeding with Ryan or dare I even hope, Easton? The element of freedom is enticing, but I'm bracing for the emotional fallout this coming week from us girls of the house!

A bright spot - Can I say again how much I love my backyard? Not only do the boys love it and ask to go out all the time, but we have a couple bird families that love it too and they're still pecking up their breakfast much to our delight. Spring has sprung! As Dr. Kearl at BYU says, "Self, GREAT DAY!"