Friday, April 17

McKay is 3!

Nicknamed "BabyK" by his big brother when he was born, McKay has always been such a snuggler and I've always considered him my baby. I remember the impressions I had that I was to be pregnant again and the pregnancy test only confirmed what I already believed was true. I was pretty sick through my pregnancy and tried just about everything to make him come two weeks early! I had a wonderful induction, but upon arrival he looked a little unfamiliar to me because he didn't look like a Bare (my family). It took me almost six months to realize his impish, twinkling smiley eyes were from Ryan's mom's side of the family. They continue to be my favorite feature on his little face!

Naming McKay proved to be a challenge. I had a list of at least fifteen names I liked and Ryan vetoed every single one. We still had no idea what his name would be when he arrived. Finally, the day after he was born, we both liked McKay and it was the only name we could agree upon. Realize, however, that it is Easton's middle name so Easton has been a little confused for the past couple years when we called him by his full name. Ah well, it fits our little toehead and his middle name is Ryan's father's name, Nelson.

When McKay was four months old, we endured a family trial and McKay accompanied me back to work at NRLC. We put in long days that election season of 2006! He was my sanity because you simply cannot stay sad with such a smiley happy kid! In fact, once he was a little over six months it dawned on me that he hadn't even begun to sit up on his own because he enjoyed the comfort of my lap all day long as I worked. We were inseparable! I was so grateful for another good sleeper, but I attribute that more to my Heavenly Father knowing my needs during that period of trials.

McKay definitely gives us all a run for our money! He is the one that introduced teasing to the sibling relationship with Easton. He taunted Easton with looks or noises long before he could say a whole lot of words. He has no problem ordering others around and if a new kid isn't introduced to him as a friend, he's quite the little tyrant. He has no issue fighting back which always surprises me because Easton was the exact opposite. For the past couple months, when he doesn't want to do what's asked of him, he'll often holler 'EVER! Meaning to say "Never." Or now he'll whine, "Ohhh, I never get to do dat!"

McKay often sweetly says, "Mom . . . I love you" out of the blue a few times a day and even cozies up. He also still asks to be held and snuggled. I love watching him play with Easton and they are great friends. Having a yard to play in now has fostered this friendship exponentially. He is learning how to be a good big brother to Morgan and yesterday had her laughing hard much to his surprise and utter delight! He accidentally dropped a toy in front of her and she busted a giggle. He continued to pick it up and drop it while laughing with Morgan. After a minute passed and Morgan had moved on, McKay was doing a fake forced laugh and trying to keep the show going.

McKay is also our more adventurous eater and really likes meats, spicy food (curry, salsas), dipping any food, and SODA! Sucking his thumb while contorting an ear is his trademark and I have no idea how we'll break him of it or when we'll even try. He's been ready to potty train for almost a year now and I'm the one dragging my feet. It'll happen sooner than later because today as I bought more diapers, the thought occurred to me about how cool it'd be if this was our last pack! McKay loves to say prayers and to sing which has helped Easton gain confidence, independence, and desire to say prayers and sing, if only out of sibling rivalry. He's got a great imagination and I love watching him and Easton playing as best buds.

We love our growing boy and am so glad he's a part of our family! Happy Birthday, "K"!