Friday, April 17

Easter Weekend

Me and my gang had fabulous weather for our Easter weekend. We celebrated McKay's third birthday, hung out in the yard, did some spring cleaning inside and out, nursed colds, and did an egg hunt for the boys. I keep realizing what a home body I am and how happy it makes me - especially surrounded by such beauty and my little buddies!
Let the birthday afternoon festivities begin! McKay ordered mac'n'cheese with hotdogs for lunch. We enjoyed a nice leisure afternoon in the yard until Ryan got home for the birthday cupcakes and presents. It was a nice fun day!

She's already a great gabber so I envision many fun chats and spa days for us as the years creep up on us! Easton and McKay had fun being photographers this afternoon, as did I!

These boys love their yard and racing their trucks around, especially down the little hill on the other side of the yard!

We dyed eggs finally after not having done it in a few years. I don't like to eat hard boiled eggs and don't like to waste good eggs, but the boys are at a fun age to do it so we took it outside! I feared of the combo of dye, kids, spills, and my dreaded ugly wood floors! McKay loved dying these eggs! He was so proud to do it all by himself!

McKay talked about blowing out his candles all day, all weekend. Easton still calls cupcakes "pupcakes" which I find pretty cute!

Lovin' them some pupcakes!

Me and my girl. I know overalls are like a style from a decade or more ago, but I'm a stay home mom who didn't leave the house that day and wanted to be comfy which is why I keep these around! They'll be a wardrobe staple to me til I can afford a personal stylist or perhaps they become all the rage again, so shoot me!

McKay's new little bubble blower was the perfect toy of the fabulous spring evening! The boys shared back and forth for a few hours until we ran out of bubble juice, it was wonderful! Now I just have to figure out where to replenish the supply!

Daddy and Morgan enjoying some tickle time.

So far, Morgan still thinks these bottles are chew toys. Man I love babies and all their cuteness!!! Can't get enough!!!

Meet one of the momma birds in my back yard. She's quite vigilant and I only see her out of her nest in the early morning hours while she's hunting for food in our "grass." I found her here while pruning our hedges and it gave me quite a shock!

While weeding some of our flower beds, I kept finding little empty shells. I finally found a few with snails in them and brought them over to the patio for the boys to inspect. It was so fun to see them watch three little snails do their thing! I did scare myself pretty good when I heard myself smash a shell underfoot. Thank goodness it was an empty shell! PHEW!!!

I had a friend snap a few shots of our family after church outside the building. Not too flattering, but we're all here together!

My mother-in-law asked me to snap some shots of our meeting house. Sorry they're from the car as we drove away. Hope it does it justice!

Our Weilimdorf chapel again shot out the window as we were driving away.

As we leave Weilimdorf, we drive on Solitude Strasse (street) and you can see Schloss Solitude (castle) at the top of the hill. We go up a scenic forested winding road to the top of the hill where the castle sits and I love the view each week!

Church must have worn them out! I thought the knowledge of the Easter bunny leaving them eggs to find would have kept sleep at bay, but apparently not. It did make for a nice quiet ride for me and Ryan!

Easton is quite proficient at egg hunting by now and darted all over the yard having the time of his life! Such a fun age for this stuff. I love that my parents "import" my cousins' kids for their family egg hunts at home and get creative.

McKay had to wake up and shake off the grumps before he got into the hunt. By then, Easton had pretty much gathered most of the eggs much to his chagrin. He'd see an egg, Easton would go grab it, and McKay would whine, "Ohhh, now I never get one of it!" He was pretty content with just having the first two eggs in his basket until we kept prodding him along and then he noticed Easton was getting a lot of them so he had to pick up his pace.

Why is this little crouching position reaching for a prized egg one of my favorite poses? It just seems to capture the wonder of discovery and joy of childhood to me. Love these cute lil bods!

What are these?
Morgan in her first Easter dress. I think I could really enjoy dressing up this little gal!

Our kiddos enjoying their spoils after the hunt.

Easton has never had a hard boiled egg before so I was quite surprised when he ate three that afternoon! I think he enjoyed peeling them the most and I love the look of concentration!

Hope you had a happy Easter too!