Saturday, April 4

Leaving beloved Florence for Venice

We did half a day in Florence before heading for Venice "on our way home." We indulged in all sorts of yummy treats this final day. I'd wanted to try one of these sweet smelling waffles and it was DIVINE! Such a mess and Ryan devoured most of it! We got ours with lots of whipping cream and chocolate sauce. Easton didn't like it but he was determined to have more gelato. Venice is gelato heaven!

We also loved all the candy store window displays. How fun to see them ready for Easter!

We had to stop by the wild boar statue to rub his nose and give him a coin to ensure our return to Florence. It was odd to see this cloister behind him teeming with vendors when the night before we'd seen it empty except for a lone violinist serenading little couples sitting randomly on the steps.

Loved these art students' doing chalk renderings of masterpieces on the sidewalks!

A rare moment of peace from the gal buckled in.
She didn't particularly like the drive to Venice.

We arrived in Venice around 8pm starving. We didn't last long wandering for food in the winding alleys of this odd floating city. Venice specializes in decorative masks.