Saturday, April 4

Eye of the beholder

We've inherited a fabulous collection of recipes from Ryan's family. One of his favorite things to make is his grandmother Elfriede's fudge. We're never sure if it will turn out which is quite unfortunate given the patience and physical labor involved whipping it to death. Ryan is much more patient when it comes to cooking because he loves his favorites and it's not a daily mandated chore (hmmm, can you tell I love to cook?). I still marvel with great gratitude that he can whip up our entire Thanksgiving meal each year. I should note that he took over after I completely bombed my first attempt as newlyweds - NOTHING I made turned out but we discovered Ryan's talent for pies for which I am also eternally grateful! This horribly embarrassing episode was well worth it in the end don't you think?

So this weekend marks that wonderful time of year we enjoy the semi-annual General Conference listening to the Prophet, Apostles and other leaders of our church. With it being broadcast online worldwide and to meeting houses, it lets us enjoy all the meetings at home if we choose - and we do rather than wrangle the kids. Our family always cooks up some favorite foods too and tonight it is Elfriede's fudge which we all love.

Ryan had finished the cooking portion of the recipe when McKay saw him take a few taste tests. McKay was a little perplexed when he came to me and announced, "Daddy ate poopies!" Ahhh, laughter flowed. In fact, Easton couldn't stand up straight he was laughing so hard!

Ryan then told me the sequence. McKay had been asking, "What dat smell?" and followed his nose to the kitchen where he found Ryan.

"What dat Daddy? Is dat poopies?" Ryan told him it was fudge, but then overheard McKay telling Easton that Daddy ate poopies. McKay continued to spread the news as he shared it with me when we all got a serious case of giggles.