Wednesday, February 11

Cookie Lovin'

Story #1
Easton's primary teacher made some really yummy frosted Valentine sugar cookies. I got her recipe and we made them today. This afternoon, McKay helped me mix the dough and after dinner Ryan made the frosting while Easton helped use the cookie cutters and did a little "quality control." After the first batch came out of the oven and had cooled, I let Easton frost his cookie. He scarfed it down while Ryan inhaled what seemed like half the pan.

After Easton finished and was licking his hands because this kid LOVES frosting, I asked him to go wash up and head to bed. (McKay had crashed on the couch snuggling with mom.) Easton obeyed beautifully and Ryan asked him for a goodnight kiss. Easton came in for the kiss and at the last second, surprised Ryan by licking his face!

Ryan said, "Why'd you do that!?"

Easton simply stated,"You had frosting on your face."

'Nough said!

Story #2
Yesterday I watched a friend's little girl who is such a great playmate for my boys! My friend had brought a small stash of bless-ed Girl Scout Cookies, the lemon ones. When I gave McKay and his playmate each a cookie, they started pounding them down. The little girl, however, told me she didn't like it and since I was setting them up for a little movie time, I just told her to put it in the trash in the bathroom. She came back with cookie in hand and I didn't pay much attention to it.

Last night, I was in that bathroom and noticed some odd whitish stuff wiped on the wall and bits on the floor by the trash. I was totally stumped! Then I remembered the earlier incident and had a good laugh. She didn't like the cream filling! What kid doesn't like cream filling? I've known plenty a child to only eat the cream filling and leave the cookie portion. To each his own, eh?

Story #3
Today I gave a long, lengthy catch-up call to a good friend. We laughed, we cried, and my 2 year old ate half a package of Oreos! I had to laugh as his Oreo "ring around the mouth" kept getting darker and darker as I saw him pass me back and forth between the kitchen and the playroom where I had again set him up with a movie. (Ummm yes, this is an almost daily routine each afternoon for my sanity.)

I was totally into my conversation, feeding Morgan, and not feeling up to the horrific tantrum that would ensue so I just let him do it. At first McKay "sneaked" as best he could past me trying to be as quiet as possible for a two year old. It was hilarious to see him avoid eye contact! I played along acting as if I didn't see him. His little feet would patter a little faster as he got closer to the playroom. I can only imagine hoe much he was enjoying this! By the fourth or fifth pass, he'd just give me his "I'm so adorable" and happy squinty eye grin. Once I was up, I found out just how many he'd eaten and what do you do but have a good laugh and enjoy a truly happy, snuggly, sugar high kid!

Happy early Valentine's Day! We're heading to Garmisch for an Alp skiing, indoor pool swimming, outdoor hot tubbing, spa treatment enjoying, cave exploring four day weekend! YAHOO!!!