Sunday, February 15

Garmisch Trip - Day 1

Since we've arrived in Germany, we've kept our ears open for favorite destinations. Ryan had heard about Garmisch from coworkers and he got us reservations as fast as he could for President's weekend. On the US base in Garmisch, there's a resort/lodge. Ryan says it's nowhere near Utah ski resort status, but it was a nice getaway. We will try to head back for their big 4th of July fireworks and do a bit of camping we think. Anyhow, Garmisch is in Germany's southern Bavarian Alps and is gorgeous!

We started our trip dark and early Friday by being out the door at 5:30am to get to Garmisch in time for Easton’s ski school. It had been snowing pretty lightly and steadily all night and continued through our drive which made it take longer to get there. Ryan does love driving on the autobahn and I’m so glad he doesn’t mind driving! At least every half hour, if not more, Easton would say, “Are we there yet?” We got him there just 20 minutes late.

Ryan has loved to ski all his life and has been excited to get our kids skiing. We signed Easton up for an all day ski class. When we first mentioned it to Easton, he had a fit saying he was scared and doesn’t like to try new things so we dropped the discussion. The day before our trip, I told him he would be going to a special class to play in the snow, make new friends, and have lunch and snacks. He thought that sounded fun so we avoided telling him about ski school until he was getting out of the car. He didn’t like the idea, but Ryan bribed him with xBox game time so he gave in. I think Ryan could have taught him how to ski, but I think Easton does better for strangers. We’re always told what a well behaved kid Easton is at church and being in any learning session. We hoped ski school would work the same way!

A nice girl outfitted Easton with all his gear. McKay saw it all and wanted his own boots – “Mommy, I want boots.” And his latest new regular addition, “ I want my own.” It was pretty funny seeing Easton try to walk in those ski boots and falling all over the place. McKay and I dropped Easton off at ski school and by the time we left him there, he was a happy camper with a goofy helmet!

Ryan eagerly headed off to the slopes while McKay, Morgan and I headed back to the hotel to check out our accommodations and have some down time. We were supposed to meet up for lunch, but I got lost and only caught Ryan as he headed back to ski. He said Easton was loving his class. HURRAY!!! McKay said he wanted to go back to the hotel for a nap and to “watch a woovie”! Yes please! I love how this kid loves to snuggle! Someday I’ll get to go have adventures of my own but this season of my life has its own perks like snuggling with my wee ones!

We headed back to see Easton ski at 2:30 and Ryan was already there helping him. I LOVED THIS!!! Easton was eating it up and skiing much better than I ever expected! He didn’t even freak out when he’d start skiing backwards after letting go of the rope tow! The pictures tell it all. Look at those truly joyful grins! McKay really wanted to ski so bad and I now even have an inkling to try it next year if we can have Morgan and McKay taken care of! (Click on the picture if you want to see it bigger.)

Once back at the hotel, we hit the pool and Ryan took to the hot tub. McKay stuck to the stairs with me and Morgan while Easton roamed the 2’ deep area. Afterwards, we cleaned up and headed for dinner at the Pullman. The food was really good and the live pianist playing Sound of Music medleys and view of the snow falling gracefully outside created the perfect ambiance. Well, it would have been perfect if we didn’t have the kids falling apart! Ryan loved his filet mignon and spinach artichoke dip, Easton loved the bread, I really liked this strawberry butter on the bread and the Jagerschnitzel was alright, and both boys enjoyed their scoop of icecream at the end. I’ve always loved apple desserts, but no apple strudel or roll here even compares to Ryan’s apple pies! I’ve become such a snob on that front!

A good long day where everyone enjoyed their activities and we all sacked out by 9:30pm! I said to myself,"Self, Great Day!"