Wednesday, November 5

Sleeping Angels

Morgan doesn't look like she's changed a whole lot to me in three weeks, but I can tell she's started filling out a bit more. Still waiting to see a first smile beyond the ones when she's fully passed out and chuckling at something hilarious in her dreams. What do babies dream about that would make them giggle?! Clean diapers, an overabundance of milk, or a horrific diaper explosion such as we had yesterday? All over her, me and the couch cushion! I was so surprised by it I didn't know what to tackle first!

We finally found bunk beds for the boys on Craigslist. Their room is long and narrow so putting the beds side by side, Ryan laughed that now their room looks like Burt and Ernie's bedroom. I'd post a picture, but that'd mean I'd have to get up and do all that stuff to get one here - so just take my word for it for now. We'd had the boys in separate rooms for a few weeks after we took down the crib until we found the beds. Their reunion in the same room has been rough on me and Ryan because they play and fight for hours. Our respite lately has been McKay crashing early since he's been sick.McKay hasn't had a fever, but throws up here and there after complaining his tummy hurts. Heaven bless steam cleaners and enough carpet cleaning solution left over from when Ryan cleaned the carpets last! PHEW! Luckily, McKay is old enough to work with us on the bowl concept!

During the boys' separation, McKay took to pulling the cushion off the rocking chair and planting himself right inside his door with a little blanket or two to cover himself. The boys like to look at their books at night and tend to sit in their doorway we've found. Their floor is always covered with books! There are worse things I guess, but I need to find them reading lamps apparently.

Every once in awhile, Easton will fall asleep on or near the stairs. This time, it was because my brother and his wife were over and we were playing Settlers. Easton and McKay LOVE their Uncle Chris and Aunt Tricia! They just can't get enough and Easton didn't want to miss anything. Every time Easton is leaving for preschool or we're getting ready for church, McKay even announces he's going to "Tisha's". Their complete adoration for Chris and Tricia is three-fold. First, they have a Wii - enough said. Second, Easton tells me that they have good crackers and treats. If you have these two at your house, you too can be on the kids' favorites list. They are easy to please! Third, Chris lets them climb all over him, wrestles and tickles them til they giggle like little girls! It's quite entertaining, but makes me exhausted just watching all that rough and tumble!

Sleeping babies and kids are so endearing, making them appear so angelic that it reminds me of how precious they each are no matter what we've endured together that day!