Friday, October 17


McKay has decided it's a good joke to call Morgan "Noggin", one of the boys' favorite cartoon channels. We were correcting McKay trying to get him to say "Morgan" and he'd just get this big mischevious grin and keep saying "Noggin." When he wants to be praised, he'll say Morgan - but what a little turkey! This was not one of the nicknames I ever thought we'd hear. I hope it passes but at the same time, it makes me smile because it is just such a McKay thing to do!

Easton hadn't witnessed McKay saying it and so when Easton came upstairs just now to complain that no one was helping him clean up all the toys in the basement so he could earn computer game points/time - I asked if he wanted to hear something silly. He was a little skeptical but said, "Sure." I told him that McKay was calling Morgan "Noggin" and Easton just started laughing good and hard! He kept giggling as he headed back downstairs that it was such a silly baby thing for McKay to do. I get such a kick out of telling Easton silly things because of reactions like that. He enjoys being in on family inside jokes.