Thursday, October 16

Morgan Jane

What's in a Name?
We've decided on her name finally after months of going back and forth! Of course, we both thought we had a couple more weeks at least to decide because on Tuesday morning we'd just set the induction date for Oct 30!

When first pregnant with Easton, before we knew we were having a boy, Ryan and I had made a list of names we liked for girls and boys. Morgan was in the top three then and we still liked it now obviously - but sometimes, you just need to see and get a feel for who that new little person is before settling on the right name. As I was looking up names in our family lines, I'd compiled a big list because I've felt for a few months now that this little girl was to have a family name too.

Most know I've wanted Jane as her first or middle name for quite some time. I have an ancestor on my dad's side named Jane that I've always felt I needed find out more about. Looking at my pedigree charts last night on, it really made me want to know more about all these people and their stories. Jane is on both sides of our families more than once which was a fun discovery.

So while I was in labor early Wednesday morning, Ryan was looking at a list I'd compiled in the back of a name book - no time like the present! He kept saying he liked Morgan Jane and we had all the nurses, midwife, and anesthesiologist in on the discussion. I wasn't convinced yet and during labor is not the time to really approach me with anything in particular, if you know what I mean! Then later last night as I'd prayed and narrowed my favorites down to three, I kept trying them on her and Morgan just suited her better than the other two more girly names. (I'll share the other two w/ those who comment.) I called Ryan this morning to see if we should go with it so I could fill out the forms and get ready to come home early. And there you have it! Morgan Jane Carter.

Full Moons Are the Real Deal! Who Knew?!
Having a baby always makes me so grateful that I'm married and that I married Ryan!!! He's so patient with me! He'd gone to bed early on Tuesday night right about when I started having contractions. After I'd had consistent contractions for an hour and half, I had begun puttering around the house seeing if they'd stop and migrated upstairs to our room trying to decide if I should pack a bag for the hospital or not. Ryan likes to sleep in complete quiet darkness so my puttering was probably really annoying. He asked me to turn off the lamp and I told him I was pretty sure I was in labor. That ruined his attempts at sleep and he let me do my thing my way while warily, quietly keeping track of me. Finally at 2am I was exhausted and laid down to sleep between contractions to see if they'd go away. I napped between them but after and hour decided this was the real deal. My good friend Debra came over to stay with the boys and we headed to the hospital.

As the contractions got worse in the car, I asked Ryan to count their duration for me. He began counting in his head and in true laboring mommy form I notified him (hopefully kindly?) to count aloud since the counting let me know how much longer I'd have to endure the pain. He got multiple "Count" reminders for the rest of the night which must have seemed silly to him as we were the only ones walking the halls at the hospital except for the night nurses.

At the hospital they checked me in at a 3 and told me to walk the halls. Apparently we had missed the "rush." Between 6-7pm, they had eight women having their babies back to back and the nurses could hardly keep up. Everyone chalked it up to the bright, full moon of the evening.

Forty-five minutes of us walking the halls and my water broke. Back in my room I was at a 7. Our nurse called for my midwife and the anesthesiologist STAT and in they came. Ryan was still the kind, patient counting man. It must be a bit rough for guys having to contain their excitement and concern, dealing patiently with a downright cranky woman in great pain! Ryan handles it really well and seems to understand I like my space, not a whole lot of chatter, just simple encouragement here and there. Ryan, YOU ROCK and I LOVE YOU!!! He's such a sucker for babies too - it's adorable!

I got a fabulous epidural after being told I had the perfect back for it and literally settled in for an hour and a half nap not even feeling any contractions! I LOVE MODERN MEDICINE!!! I started feeling some pressure about the time my midwife came in to check on me and she said it was time to get the show rolling. It was SOOOO weird that it was happening so casual and easy! The funny thing was that my midwife, Marji, had to be back in the office at 8:15 and so this all had to come off without a hitch for her to make it. Morgan came without difficulty at 7:58 and Marji was able to get her paperwork finished by 8:10 to make it across the street to her first appointment of the morning! So glad we could oblige! Marji was fabulous!

Morgan is technically 3 weeks early and I'm always late. I'd been feeling nauseous and sick since Sunday which I thought was because I was tapering down on a medication for my UC flare. The pediatric nurse said that Morgan appeared to be overdue because of all the skin creases and peeling skin. The midwife concurred when examining me so we're chalking it all up to my medication contributing to an early delivery. Whatever the case, I'm just thrilled she came early, is healthy, and fits our family's pattern of being born on even 5's. McKay was born on a 10th, Morgan a 15th, Easton a 20th, and Ryan a 25th. I don't fit the mold being born on a 28th, but it's all easier on my brain to remember and I'm grateful for that!

I slept most of the day away except when feeding Morgan or when Ryan brought the boys to visit. I still can't believe how tired I was through it all and today even! I could sleep at the drop of a hat these past two days! My friend Janelle brought me some yummy food that night and I got to talk to my mom and sister, Brooks. Watched a bit of the last presidential debate and headed to bed. I get so bored in the hospital that I had planned to check out early. I was feeling good, Ryan is home for 2 weeks now on paternity leave, and a friend took the boys and was bringing dinner so why not check out and be home?!

My good friend Ellen has three boys and the younger two are the same ages as Easton and McKay. Ellen regularly comes to my rescue with good laughs, the best home-made Mexican food I've ever had, and watching the boys. She's also my visiting teacher and one of the first friends I made when we moved to Leesburg. She must have worn McKay out because he actually took a real long nap today!

When McKay got up from his nap I was asking him about what fun things he did while at Jaden's house. He was telling me that he jumped on the trampoline and got up on the couch to show me how he jumped. I turned away for a moment and he hollered at me. I turned back to him and he had his finger up his nose while he told me something about his trampoline jumps. I calmly asked, "Do you need a tissue?" And he replied, "No Mom, I'm fine." !!! His new words and conversations just crack me up! McKay then saw a helicopter on the news and told me/showed me how he'll drive a "hotdocter" and that he "likes hotdocters." This kid is growing up so fast and feels so huge after spending yesterday and today snuggling all 6 lbs of Morgan!

The boys enjoyed hearing Morgan squeak and look at them. She just stared at them with a look that seemed to recognize their voices and yet wonder why they were so loud! So far, she's a sleepy, good baby. I'm sure the busy little lady who was in my tummy will give me a run for my money soon enough - this is just one of those merciful transition periods! We're so blessed!!!