Wednesday, November 5


OOPS! Meant to post this a while ago, obviously, so here it is. I didn't really get to participate in this year's Halloween because of election related work. Yes, I know - I'd just had Morgan too! It was a hairy couple of post-partum weeks to say the least. But I hear it was a lot of fun! I did, however, enjoy the treats of others' trick or treating labors!

While home on that blessed thing called paternity leave, Ryan saw a guy on the Today Show clean out and carve pumpkins with power tools. I should have expected that evening's activity of pumpkin carving! I was just so appreciative that Ryan spearheaded that activity because I was busy working in my "office" - the piano bench for my laptop/desk and of course, the couch because recovering from having Morgan required some comfort.

The boys enjoyed the cleaning out and carving of the pumpkins and I was real pleased with Ryan's pumpkin faces inspired by some sort of application he found on his iphone. I love it when Ryan attacks a project! It's so adorable and endearing to me!

Don't these look great?! Well done, Ryan!!!

On Wednesday, Oct 29, Ryan went back to work. I was so overwhelmed and sad that he actually came home early to help me out. Putting in overtime with the final week before the elections and having to be a mom and homemaker just wasn't working for me on my own yet. Ryan swooped in and saved the day and worked hard the rest of the week to make my life as easy as possible. LOVE HIM!!!

On Halloween, Ryan took the boys to the annual parade in town that's just a mile from our house. We LOVE this parade and there's a ton of candy thrown to the kids as the floats drive by. It's so great to see kids scamper after candy as they're all dressed up! Chris and Tricia came to witness the boys' trick or treating on the way home from the parade and boy did they come home with a stash!

Our family loves Halloween festivities once costumes have been decided. Easton wanted to be Indiana Jones because that's become his favorite video game. McKay didn't care yet so he was Tigger again because I didn't have any creative juices flowin'. Hopefully next year!