Sunday, November 23

Right Here!

Who knew the car ride home from church would be so much fun! Usually we're all hungry, tired and trying to endure the trip in one piece.

We were driving away from the church and I smelled something not so pleasant . . . so we asked who was stinky. While Easton was saying, "Not me," and Morgan was out cold, McKay piped up and said very matter-of-factly, "Right here." He totally acted like it was no big deal at all, a common occurrence, which it is of course for a 2 1/2 yr old. But we're more used to the standard nursery response where you ask everyone who stinks and all the lil' kiddos avert their eyes or says "not me", and the culprit is the kid hiding under the table in silence. Man, it's fun when kids start getting good at expressing themselves!

Then we soon realized McKay hadn't buckled the top of his seat belt harness. We hardly every do it for him because he always demands, "I do it a' by myse'f!" I told him to buckle up and he put the sports water bottle he was holding down at his side, top down, so now he was sitting in a puddle and didn't even know it. I saw it top down, pulled it out and he of course freaked out! I tried to explain about the puddle and that the bottle was empty. The bottle only had a minuscule amount left in it but I wasn't going to argue about it and gave it back. McKay has been perfecting the art of tantrum throwing lately, enough said! A moment later, McKay said, "Mom, a water out of gas."

I tell ya with my boys, motorized vehicles of any kind rule their world! Lately he and Easton are mesmerized by Rescue Heroes vehicles from a good friend and toy airplanes from Grandpa Nelson. McKay's the one who makes all the sound effects. He's in that stage of talking your ear off and must have your undivided attention while doing it or there's a complete melt down on his part. I struggle to not have my own melt down when it's required of me - especially first thing in the morning!