Wednesday, December 3

Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

Ryan says:
So, does anyone out there speak German? We don't -- and yet we're going to be calling Germany our new home for the next 3 years!!!

Yep, I've accepted a new job with General Dynamics and will be working / living in Stuttgart, Germany while completing a 36 month assignment. We're, of course, thrilled by the opportunity but still trying to wrap our heads around it all. The company will be relocating us in the next two weeks (including packing and shipping our belongings / car).

We will be flying to Germany on December 15th and will be living (temporarily, we hope) in a Stuttgart hotel until we find the right rental property. As we search for a home, we'll of course keep in mind the need for a guest bedroom -- hint, hint! And yes, for those who are interested, Stuttgart is located in South Western Germany and almost everything in Europe is accessible within 1 days drive.

My new job will be supporting the Dept of Defense's European Command with IT system development work. Should be fun!

Tracie says:
HOLY COW! I've been in denial that this was happening because my post-partum brain couldn't handle all the ramifications. Don't get me wrong, we are totally thrilled and have always hoped to get an international opportunity, but getting our family out the door, on the plane, and resettled was just more than I could/can comprehend since having Morgan.

His new company wanted him as early as November 15th but it's taken awhile to get everything on their end finalized. We didn't have a departure date until Thanksgiving weekend and until we had that date, it really wasn't real to me although Ryan kept telling me it was a done deal. I told you, I was in complete, blissful denial! We had a lot of family in town over the month of November, I'd just had Morgan, and with Ryan's pie baking operation and Thanksgiving we just had enough to keep my sleep-deprived mind full to the brim.

So you probably won't hear much from us until I'm bored to death in a German hotel later this month. Ahhh, but those will be happy times when I don't have to worry about what to do with all our American appliances - to pack, store, or give away? Boy do I have much, much precious trash here I've discovered. Luckily I'd done an initial clean sweep of all our junk a couple weeks ago and we carted off a lot but I'm starting over again to simplify. It's a great feeling to let go of so much!

Both the boys are excited for the trip on an airplane - I have much different feelings on that end for sure! Easton will turn 5 shortly after we arrive but he's more excited about Christmas and his list for Santa. We plan to take in the big Christmas bazaar in Stuttgart with all the crafts and FOOD in front of a big old cathedral. Fun times ahead! Please pray for my sanity in the interim!