Monday, November 17

Blessing Morgan

Our family had Morgan blessed at church this past Sunday, November 16. We were so happy to have my mom, Ryan's dad and his wife, as well as my brother and his wife there to share it with us. My mom made Morgan's beautiful dress and I've got another post coming about it because I'm so proud of my mom and the family heirloom she created for us.

That morning, we gathered at the house to eat, chat and take pictures before heading over to the church together. Morgan wailed all the way to the church. She hates being in a car seat and we haven't figured out why. Once at the church, Nelson carried Morgan in the car seat into the church and took care of her until the blessing. He's so cute with babies and my babies seem to totally chill out with him! His magic typically includes whatever rocking chair we've got. This picture isn't fair to him because Morgan was hungry, but I thought it was cute even if she was wailing! Doesn't he look like a proud grandpa?
It amazes me how the grandparents have the magic soothing touch with our babies! Mom has a couple of staple positions but this is the one that surprises us because it always works. I'm so glad to become reaquainted with it again!

Nelson taking Morgan was so nice because it allowed me to settle us into our rows and recruit Tricia, mom, and JoLynn to take notes on the blessing. JoLynn even knows shorthand so I was even more relieved and excited to have even more captured! I like to write up each child's blessing for their baby books which sadly have yet to be started, but I hope to remedy that very soon!

Ryan gave a wonderful blessing that brought me to tears even though I was wrestling Easton and McKay who were whining for their snacks. Morgan seriously screamed through the entire blessing. She just doesn't enjoy being on her back, not snuggled up close or eating so she let herself be heard! Those poor men assisting the blessing got an earful! Ryan asked his dad Nelson, my brother Chris, our wonderful recent past home teacher Leo Gordijenko, one of Ryan's buddies and coworkers Dean Coleman, and members of the bishopric Ryan assists - Bishop Jim Anderson, Travis Lee, and Rob Cochran.

I felt so blessed all day to have a healthy baby and growing family, a wonderful tender husband who is worthy to hold the priesthood and preside over our family, caring parents who love and support us, and a great ward family to share the joy of our new addition. In these moments, life is such a complete joy!