Monday, September 1

Summer Wrap-up, Part I

I swear we haven't been hiding! We've just returned from a month of vacationing and I've got so many fun pictures I don't know where to start. My first attempts to organize all the photos had disasterous results and I deleted everything from my sister's wedding! AARGH!!! The ones you see are copied from the photographer's site as you'll see.

In late July we did a day at Greenbrier Lake and were joined by Chris and his wife Tricia as well as some friends. My boys love piggyback rides in any shape or form which Chris soon learned. You offer one ride and you've become their slave! Ryan also buried the boys in the sand. Easton tolerated it, McKay LOVED it! Last week at the beach in Maine, McKay had me bury him and his cousin Lizzie over and over - probably because they were tired of all their time in the water and it felt so good to lay there!

My good friend Debra invited us over for a day of slip'n'slide with her granddaughter Page. The water was pretty cold so Easton didn't really let himself enjoy it, but McKay thought it was great fun! Ya just never know how your kids will behave at a fun activity designed for them!

August flew by because we spent Aug 6-30 on vacation. The boys and I spent two and a half weeks visiting my family in Washington state to be there for my sister Brooks's wedding. My brother Ben got married the weekend before we got there but he and Brooks actually held a joint wedding reception. It was the first time we had EVERYONE in my family home - grandkids and spouses - and boy did it make for a fun, full house! Staggered arrivals let me get to know some of my newer family and it was just cool to see how everyone just jumps right in to the Bare clan! Being "old", pregnant and worn out from each day, I missed out on most of the fun game nights the younger crowd did. They almost pulled an all-nighter before their white water rafting trip. Ahhhh, the good ol' days! Hopefully next time I'll be able to join in more because they're one fun crowd!

Now 6 of the 10 Bare kids are married, three having gotten married this year so far. We're still teasing Nick that he could slip in before the end of the year but I think Mom would have a heart attack if she had to do one more wedding this year! Why she wants to go back and figure out what she spent on each one baffles me - let it lie! I'd be too scared! For the receptions, my family did so many home improvement projects in the yard, it was really amazing and looked beautiful!

Ryan joined us just in time for Brooks and John's temple wedding, a speeding ticket and all. Brooks was such a cute bride chirping "I'm getting married!", "It's my wedding day!", and thoroughly enjoying being fussed over the morning of by friends and family. Everyone melted all day long in 104 degree weather with outdoor pictures and afternoon reception. Note to self: When 6+ mos pregnant and family pictures are being taken - INSIST on being in the inside back row so largeness is minimized for posterity! OIY!!! Mom remembers drinking so much water and slush that she felt waterlogged. I stuck closer to the water and the frozen cake to survive the heat. Easton cooled off in the pond and McKay thoroughly enjoyed when I poured my ice water on his head and got mad when I stopped so I soaked him repeatedly (just before the departure of the brides and grooms). I couldn't believe how much my ankles swelled that week and was a bit freaked out!

My favorite memories are of seeing my boys hollering for this aunt, uncle, or cousin to come play and actually remembering their names this time! I wish I'd taken my camera out more often to capture these moments. Easton and my youngest brother Luke were glued to the video games at every opportunity such that Easton would even help Luke do his chores so they could play sooner! Once his cousin William arrived, the two were sucked in for good. McKay would just manipulate whoever was closest to be entertained - usually Abby, Luke, or Nick although Matt and the grandparents caved pretty quick too!

Another favorite memory that stands out is a tender moment with Easton just days before Ryan arrived. I was folding laundry and Easton was getting dressed for the day. I told him how many days until Ryan would get there and said how much I missed him. Easton paused and said all teary-eyed, "I miss Daddy too." He just stood there all sad and it broke my heart it was so adorable. We had a good long hug over it, but how sweet is that?! I love that boy!