Sunday, September 7

Best and Worst of Pregnancy

Thursday 2am. Wish I had been sleeping that night. That was not to be til 7am. Each time I drifted off to sleep, I was sharply woken up by leg cramps that necessitated walking the floor til they subsided and I was wide awake. I'd settle back into bed and the baby would take a half hour or so to get comfortable or try out her latest acrobatics - my favorite being using my bladder as her trampoline or my belly button as a punching bag! Thus began the cycles of the entire night. Doc says I'm not getting enough calcium, potassium, magnesium or water. I knew I was good on those so the only explanation is she's GROWING and taking what she needs, leaving me with nothin!

So at 2am after trying other things to fall asleep, I started writing the ramblings of my brain.

- McKay snuggling my baby belly
- Easton wanting to feel the baby move and hear about when he was a baby
- The odd sensation of the baby getting the hiccups!
- Courteous strangers opening and holding doors asking personal questions that you're actually happy to overshare answers with because a stay-at-home mom often relishes anyone being kind and adult conversations that utilize grammar and full sentences
- Excuses to indulge in cravings!!! While in Maine on a shopping spree, we all indulged in our favorite candies. Most loved their Lindt chocolates but I was overjoyed with the Harry & David next door! Ahhh, sweet Moose Munch and chocolate toffee-covered almonds! I'm scared to admit how much I've eaten in the last two weeks, but proud to say there's still some left!

I can't wait for our baby girl's arrival, but til then I'll tolerate the heartburn, cumbersomeness of clothing, doing dishes and walking away with a soaked belly not even knowing it, and trying to hug tall Ryan with too short of arms and a big ol' belly in the way!