Wednesday, July 30

Escape Artist

New McKay stage: Climbing out of crib. Aaack! Where'd my baby go?! I haven't caught him in the act yet but hope to soon. I must say this is really rocking my world! The first morning he did it was last Saturday morning. At this point for Easton, we'd moved him into a toddler bed to get him used to it before McKay came and didn't feel kicked out of the crib. I've been hanging onto crib time as long as possible because WHY NOT?! McKay's been the kid who would just hang out in the crib for 1/2 an hour to an hour sucking his thumb and enjoying quiet time after he woke up. Now he's up and into stuff.

The first couple mornings of new-found freedom, McKay would walk from room to room opening and shutting all our doors checking on us and hoping someone would wake up to go downstairs with him. The hardest part of this is the hour. Sometimes as early as 4:30! ARGH!!! Since I'm now six months pregnant, I'm up during the night and now fretting over if I'll wake McKay or not hear him get up. By 4 am, I'm nervous he's going to wake up and destroy something or hurt himself so I haven't been sleeping well at all. The last two mornings after fitful sleep, I crashed around 6am. Ryan can attest to the fact that I do not function well on this new sleep routine.

I think the worst day was yesterday when I came down and McKay had the box of Rice Krispies and the canister of brown sugar all over the living room carpet. When I came down, he was sitting next to the brown sugar canister and holding an empty pack of Trident gum he had decided to chew. Talk about a super grouch mom!

This new development has made bedtime much more difficult. The boys are more playful buddies now and most nights lately we've had to send Easton to another room and threaten McKay with a spanking if he got out of the crib again - the only deterrent that seems to give him pause. We don't own a gate and me and the lil guys will be gone almost all of August so we're just hanging in there with the current setup til we get back in September. I thought I'd have longer to get the new room arrangements set before the baby comes - oh well, so much for my "plan."

Last night when I got home from mutual, I could hear them upstairs and when I went into the fully lit room, McKay and Easton were sharing Easton's pillow all snuggled up under Easton's covers and Easton was "reading" "Muncha, Muncha, Muncha" to McKay. It was soooo adorable because they were just chatting away about the book. For the first time, they behaved after being busted and got to stay in their room together which was so nice! They really prefer to be together and I love seeing that friendship growing. Cute boys, but please pray for this sleep-deprived mom!